I'm sharing a piece I wrote recently for a FAB website which I was kindly invited to contribute to. It is a piece of writing I am actually really proud of! Although I write everyday in some form, usually via my summerSHINES social media pages on Faceboook and Instagram, I like the challenge of writing … Continue reading ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT


I publish this post one week(ish) since WORLD Mental Health Day 2018, as it is only now I am recovering from the whirlwind of my recent busyness to sit and write! I firmly believe that while it is absolutely BRILIANT that we are encouraged as a whole world to focus on the concept of mental … Continue reading WMHD2018


**Trigger warning- the following post may be upsetting to those with a history of childhood abuse & family breakups. This is an extremely important post, so I hope you know this isn't a run-of-the-mill one you can just skim read or skip over. I'll introduce this post by sharing what I just shared on my … Continue reading LIAR LIAR


Today (12th October), after much preparation and psyching myself up, I have officially re-launched my summerSHINES studio business over on Etsy. YESSSS! Here is a bit about me and what I'm doing, taken from my summerSHINES social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) :)………………… Hello and welcome to a new future of inspiration, laughter, and colour-filled … Continue reading POST-RELAPSE summerSHINES RELAUNCH!


This is a important blog about mental illness, mental wellness, taboo and society. It contains my personal reflections, and I would be very interested to hear yours, so please leave me comments and share this blog if you think it would interest others. Thanks. Words matter a lot I think, and this generalisation applies more … Continue reading MENTALLY ILL OR MENTALLY HEALTHY?