When I was a little girl, I'd often bake with my Mum. Despite the family set-up being fairly messed up, I still did nice mum and daughter-ish things like baking fairy cakes together and such; and do you know, my fave thing about baking was the way my mum would expertly scrape around the inner … Continue reading SPATULA



I am here...but I am not satisfied with here because I want to be over there. I want to be in the future; not the present. I want to have already made this important transition that I'm about to make and be contentedly settling into my new life with it's new lifestyle, but alas, I'm … Continue reading NOT THERE, STILL HERE *sigh*


This is a post about my diagnosed personality disorder and me. Often people are criticised for their own self-diagnosis of supposed mental health conditions. Society argues that people will sometimes say they have self-diagnosed depression (to excuse them from being a miserable cow), or anxiety (when they want to avoid doing something), like when people … Continue reading PD? NO, JUST ME


TW** upsetting themes about loss, death, cancer, suicide, and abuse and estrangement from parents.   I read a blog just earlier by a lovely blogger friend who is really close to my heart. We are completely different characters, but united. For whatever reason, we click. There was a line in her blog which leapt off … Continue reading ALL ABOUT MUM *tw


Finally, I can breathe. The house sighs with relief, just as I do. There is quiet. There is calm. There is me, just me, and the keys. There are notebooks and neat piles of paper in organised rows that prove my recent productiveness. Finally I can come up for air, and tell you what life … Continue reading HUMAN AFTERALL