I'm a writer, but lately I haven't had time to write crumples in defeat I LOVE my writing, but lately my writing has had to be transferred over to the new social media platforms I'm trying to build on Instagram and Facebook. I'm in a time of transition. I am not just summerSHINES the mental … Continue reading PLEASE FOLLOW ME



Inspiration always seems to come from unexpected places, doesn't it. The inspiration for what I am doing right NOW came about to me about five distant years ago. Though I didn't know or predict how the future would precisely pan out, I came upon something that left an immediate and deep personal imprint on me. … Continue reading OK TO SHINE


I am bone crushingly alone. I cannot bear people telling me I'm not, when I know I am. I feel alone with every inch of my being. Rationality and mental illness often conflict. The person with psychosis believes they are the son of Christ, or the devil, so people telling them they are not is … Continue reading ALONE


When I was a little girl, I'd often bake with my Mum. Despite the family set-up being fairly messed up, I still did nice mum and daughter-ish things like baking fairy cakes together and such; and do you know, my fave thing about baking was the way my mum would expertly scrape around the inner … Continue reading SPATULA