I was planning a duvet day today after waking up decidedly feeling lack lustre, to a backdrop of un-seasonally wintry weather outside my bedroom window. But I got the miserable wet and arctic windy dog walk out of the way early, and now I’m cosy and warm, in my favourite spot in the house, clickety clacking … More MAN OVERBOARD


Have you ever let doubt stand in our way? I used to be like this and let the doubt monster take over the reins of my personal destiny. Not any more. My faith has been tested lately-shaken and stirred. If you poke a stick into a puddle ripples will be visible. The rings of ripples will … More DOUBT


Does anyone care to join me for a walk through the rain pain? or maybe even try out the pain walk? The pain walk is a bit like the moon walk, but you go backwards even more so, and even Michael Jackson couldn’t have donned a leather jacket and got close to making this pain bollocks look cool……… … More HAPPY ZOO #1


I really am done. Enough human contact has been had. I need a detox. Blog comments are off. Messenger is off. Facebook is logged out of not to be logged back into for as long as I can possibly stand it. The only way to get hold of me now is email, text, Twitter and … More EXTERNALISER V STUFFER


I feel proud to be a British citizen right now…for the simple reason that lately there has been an explosion of MENTAL HEALTHNESS all over the UK media. Everyday there is a mental health story in the top headlines, and rightly so…. As pointed out by the royals…”mental health underpins EVERYTHING” Last night was TV … More MIGHTY BLIGHTY


Today is a big day… It maybe deserves a fanfare? Or is that just in my dreams?! I have NOT popped 100mg of Pregabalin today DUN DUN DUHHHHH Pregabalin is a pharmacological treatment [aka a pill] that is used the treatment of generalised anxiety. I used to take 700mg a day at my peak, then I reduced … More PROGRESS


Perhaps you are reading this blog because you are familiar with/ have personal experience of mental health problems of some description. You may well not have a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis though. Regardless of whether you have PTSD or not, if you follow a PTSD blog you will read the word “trigger” in PTSD blogs a great deal. … More T.R.I.G.G.E.R.E.D


I am in a cheesy S Club 7 mood…hence the motivational cheerleading doodle I just did…;)…. Guess what I did today!… Yep that…😜 Fair enough. It was un-British. Hands up. Guilty as charged. But when things matter to you, you gotta adopt some badassery I reckon and self-promote to people who you believe want the … More I REACH


At last…..freedom to type…freedom to let the words topple out of my head and onto this blank page. This blog represents a type of escape for me….this is the place where I make sense of my inner environment and all it’s turmoil. Peace. Breathe. Calm. I am having serious thoughts about my future currently. I am … More ALL ME


Mr pricklepants is a toy hedgehog in Toy Story 3. Prickle pants is my title today as ’emotionally prickled’ is how I currently feel. I feel like some kind of a social cactus…like I’ve encountered a lot of conversational prickliness today which has made me feel sore. Today has been socially difficult…some days are aren’t they…because sometimes … More PRICKLE PANTS


What is your perception of a British royal?  Mine wasn’t particularly great, I have to be honest… …until William, Kate and Harry stepped in. They are the new wave of contemporary royals – a trio of good, well-intentioned people who use their position of influence to actually do something worth doing…to talk MENTAL HEALTH on a … More HAPPY MH BLOGGER


Today a round-up join the dots post is in order…a kind of “where summer’s at right now” post.  This is been building for a while. Lately my posts have usually been centred around an idea, quite small and quite specific…this is more a bigger picture type post, as the bigger picture is where my attention is … More DOT TO DOT


Today’s post is for me…it isn’t for an imaginary audience. It’s for me. It may not entertain you. You may not agree with it. You might want to skip this one over. This post is for me. Today is Easter Sunday 2017. I cannot articulate clear enough how much I DISLIKE and DETEST Easter, (and … More FESTIVITY-rebellion


An afternoon spent under the duvet was the result of a morning spent running. I ran, not as far as other long distance runs, but I did my best and pushed my body as hard as it would go considering the extent my body was paralysed from the temporary mind shit of this NOT-Good Friday.  I … More summerSLUMPS

NICE (not the biscuit)

Today it is ALL HAPPENING. This post may be written rather slapdash and scattered, because this is the zone my brain is inhabiting right now! My quotes (distributed in the press release from UK mental health charity Mind), have been featured in The Independent, The Daily Express, The Belfast Telegraph, The London Economic, 2BR News Lancashire, News … More NICE (not the biscuit)


No time to blog…far too busy networking! Double busy!! Just sharing here…was so pleased to see this post in the Independent today!…. and this in the Daily Express…   And this is what it’s all about…the national Mind media campaign about post-discharge mental health crisis care…Imani said….. I really hope this makes … More GOING NATIONAL!


This post is titled comedia, because of how comical and cute I find the media (from what I’ve glimpsed so far from my two radio interviews). In the olden days, if you were going to be interviewed for a radio piece, you’d physically travel to said studio, meet radio broadcaster humanoids, then they would ask … More COMEDIA


This is a blog about post-traumatic SHINE. Post-traumatic shine is my word for post-traumatic growth….Post-traumatic growth is actually “a thing”…. It is a proven thing that psychologists have written about in psychological texts for a considerable length of time. One day, when I’m less busy, I’ll research it myself and write a decent post on … More EAGLE OR PIGEON?


As there is a self-raising flour, to distinguish it from the ‘plain’ variety…I can’t help wishing there were also a FUND-RAISING type of flour- complete with some magic ingredient that could generate income for worthy charities. I am sure if I could invent fund-raising flour and pitch my idea on Channel Four’s ‘Dragon’s Den’, that I’d surely get … More SELF-FUNDRAISING FLOUR