This is a vlog I had to share from a fabulous blogger, Insta friend and happy post sender in response to my earlier vlog. I didn't ask her to do this. She wanted to do herself after watching my vlog earlier about mental health, parenting, and how to helpfully respond when someone posts about their … Continue reading PARENTING & MENTAL HEALTH STIGMA



Please watch and share if you think it would be helpful. This is a vlog that talks candidly about having suicidal thoughts when you are a parent with depression. The content does not discuss particularly triggering subjects such as suicide methods etc, but is more of a general discussion about how I would like people … Continue reading PARENTING AND SUICIDAL THOUGHTS VLOG


Hello lovelies.... TOOT TOOT- this post matters! I am absolutely delighted to announce that my Etsy shop is now open for business! Woopington! Quick Link to Etsy studio shop I feel so awful as this blog has been totally neglected of late. Mahoosive apologies for that. I've been massively busy, sometimes being actually busy, and … Continue reading SHOP OF ETSY-ness


Bonjour madame/moissieur! I'm feeling happy today like a chirpy bird who's just found a giant stick made of diamante encrusted gold with an extra glittery frosting! I feel happy because I am taking control of many important aspects of my life. Decisions are being made and human choice is being exercised. I am not going … Continue reading BONJOUR TO CHOICE


Hello shine squad! On this lazy Sunday I am sharing a piece I was honoured to write recently for a very lush local business lass. Her name is Holly Brown, and she is the creator of Brown and Co. Durham. Brown and Co are a local business who I love and support, and we were … Continue reading SOOTHING THE SENSES

GUEST POST: ‘Some times/most of the time’

Introducing a wonderfully emotive blog with an powerfully inspiring ending. This blog is for everyone in a relationship where they are not valued, respected, or cared for in the way you know in your heart that you truly deserve. This is for all those people currently in emotionally abusive relationships and those who know this … Continue reading GUEST POST: ‘Some times/most of the time’

How Are You? “I’m okay, I’m fine, I’m hanging in there.”

As part of mental health awareness week; here is another FAB post written by one of my favourite writer humans. Alexis Rose. Alexis is a fellow PTSD badass warrior from across the pond, who I have come to know well, and now have the honour to call my friend X We help each other on our bad days and are always there for each other. I hope you love this post, and also PLEASE check out her amazing memoir. It is a book I will never forget. She also had authored a wonderful book on life with PTSD. Check her out XXX


Talking about an illness. When we ask someone we know is struggling or living daily with an illness and we ask, “How are you?” Do we really want to know? Are we looking for an answer of, “I’m okay, I’m hanging in there, some days are better than others.” Or do we really want to know?

When we ask, and the person really begins to share how they are feeling, do we tune out, thinking, here we go again, the litany of ailments, or do we try to stir the conversation away with a nod and a change of the subject?

If we are the ones who are dealing with an illness, do we tell people who ask how we’re doing? Or do we give the answer that we assume (but don’t know for sure)  people want to hear?

Lately, this has become a hugely interesting topic for me. Not…

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It is Mental Health Awareness Week. Believe me, I'm fully aware of it! But still not everyone is, and that is why awareness weeks were invested - to basically turbo boost awareness and get us thinking and talking and writing and sharing and all sorts of totes important stuff like that that we don't always … Continue reading AM I BRAVE? (MHAW)


Life is unpredictable, espesh when you have a psychiatric illness that in unpredictable. I will think I am doing ok for a while at having my shit totally figured out; and then, I'm just not. Just like that. Bam. Face meets the floor. I doodled these drawings yesterday, and doodling these drawings was one of … Continue reading FACE TO THE FLOOR


When I first heard about the film 'The Greatest Showman', it was all about the anthem 'This is Me'. 'This is me' is a song that means a hell of a lot to me (not to mention many other millions of humans around the world), but after the initial love of that anthemic song had … Continue reading NEVER ENOUGH