**Trigger warning- the following post may be upsetting to those with a history of childhood abuse & family breakups. This is an extremely important post, so I hope you know this isn't a run-of-the-mill one you can just skim read or skip over. I'll introduce this post by sharing what I just shared on my … Continue reading LIAR LIAR



Today (12th October), after much preparation and psyching myself up, I have officially re-launched my summerSHINES studio business over on Etsy. YESSSS! Here is a bit about me and what I'm doing, taken from my summerSHINES social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) :)………………… Hello and welcome to a new future of inspiration, laughter, and colour-filled … Continue reading POST-RELAPSE summerSHINES RELAUNCH!


Do you know what Repose means? Here is what it means in the dictionary...….. repose1 rɪˈpəʊz/ noun noun: repose 1. a state of rest, sleep, or tranquillity. "in repose her face looked relaxed" synonyms: rest, relaxation, inactivity, restfulness, stillness, idleness; More sleep, slumber "in repose, her face still showed signs of the strain she had … Continue reading REPOSE


Today is a lazy post. I'm just sharing my drawings today as I have minimal wordage at my disposal to draw upon. I've taken the higher dose of Seroxat today for the first day and I'm EXHAUSTED. I so hope the increased anti-depressant works. Life is bloody hard right now. I cannot lie about that. … Continue reading SHARPIE SHIZZLE


This is a important blog about mental illness, mental wellness, taboo and society. It contains my personal reflections, and I would be very interested to hear yours, so please leave me comments and share this blog if you think it would interest others. Thanks. Words matter a lot I think, and this generalisation applies more … Continue reading MENTALLY ILL OR MENTALLY HEALTHY?


This is a blog post done on demand based on me being asked recently by an Instagrammer friend the deceptively simple question, "how on earth do you manage to survive?" Rather than me write a brief and ultimately uselessly limited comment on Instagram in response, I thought I'd write a longer blog post as I … Continue reading HOW TO SURVIVE #1- THE ROOTS & FUNDAMENTALS


I'm at a crossroads in my psychological treatment. I'm not liking being at this place, but this place is where I'm at so decisions at some point will have to be made. This dilemma is quite a new one - oh goody! A fresh dilemma is just what I was hoping for on top of … Continue reading FRESH DILEMMA


I am writing this in reaction to watching another really fab lecture on YouTube by the clinical psychologist Diane Langberg. You will see I shared another of her videos - an explanatory lecture about complex trauma, in my last blog post. Anything I find helpful I try and share on this blog in the hope … Continue reading THE SHAME OF IT