GO FUND ME (please)

Long time no hear blogger friends. A kind friend has recently set up a Go Fund Me page for me. Why? Because of Northumberland Tyne and Wear's NHS trust's shock decision to suddenly discharge me from being under the care of community mental health services only days after being close to taking my own life. … Continue reading GO FUND ME (please)


This is a blog about sex, but this is no way a pornographic piece intended to be arousing or titillating or revealing in any way. It's about as un-sexy as sexually themed writing gets actually. Instead it's about the darker side to sex for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and/or rape/exploitation/assault. Trigger Warning** (I … Continue reading THE TRUTH- SEX AFTER SEX(ual) ABUSE/RAPE *TW


I am a Mind media volunteer and mental health campaigner who has blogged and vlogged voluntarily over several years across several different blogs and for several different professional and charitable organisations about my personal experiences of long-standing mental ill health. I have discussed all the traditional taboos in a defiantly unfiltered way and no topic … Continue reading DISSOCIATION DISCUSSION #1


All of us are a mixture of desirable and undesirable. We're wanted but sometimes rejected. We hope and we dream but we hurt and we ache and we break. We live on the finest of lines between elation and disaster. We're progressing, but sometimes we get absolutely stuck in the quick sand of ourselves. We're … Continue reading NOBODY CLAPS


This is a piece of writing that I wrote for the gorgeous Leanne Macdonald, a lush 'mumpreneur' here in the North East, leader of MIBA Newcastle and mum to four fantastic and well-rounded children....I'm sharing it on my summerSHINES blog as I happen to love it. It's another guest blog I really enjoyed writing and … Continue reading ‘LET IT GO’