Plunged into a world of blue...dry ice...spotlights...a guy I know so well led me through... Through the dry ice to the other side...a place to scream and plunge down and slide Thought maybe it was high time I died It will get better they say Was that truth? or had they lied?... You told me … Continue reading PLUNGE INTO THE BLUE 



This was going to be titled hypomanic reflections, as I'm hypomanic and wanted to do a spot of clever thinking, but then I realised I'm hypomanic so can't think as everything is so FAST so instead of reflection it's more GLARE in capital letters. Typing super fast (I am) can you tell. Life as I … Continue reading HYPO GLARE

POUR poem

Pour it out, every drop... your life is like a photograph that's been badly and messily cropped You feel pain so deep inside Stomach crunching fear that can't be denied Words hurt but I promise I mean no harm I just love you, I'm a sucker for your unique charm No explanation given, the pain of … Continue reading POUR poem


Sleepy writing...Internally fighting slumped shoulders and aching muscles, many dramatic tussles going on inside my addled over-used know what they say, 'seek and you shall find'...I was born this way, one of a kind... my childhood stars unhelpfully aligned which kind of put me in a bind, message to the gossips out there- "your own … Continue reading CONFUSION FUSION