THIS IS A GUEST POST, WROTE ESPECIALLY FOR SUMMER STARTS TO SHINE BY A LUSH FRIEND OF MINE. Her name is Liza and she writes exceptionally beautifully. I asked her to write a little piece that encapsulated the SUMMER STARTS TO SHINE philosophy, as she knows me well, and what kind of person I am, what history I have, and what values I stand for. When I read this I smiled wide like a cheshire cat-she bloody nailed it!! I hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me :) …….Enjoy PSSST-HERE IS HER BLOG LINK. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW A FANTASTIC BLOG!



Think of a fragile flower, buried among weeds, strangled, held down and suffocating.  If we take this small flower and replant it in an environment of nurture and goodness, will help it find its own inner strength, absorb all of what is good around it and allow it to begin to shine. With love and tender care, the once damaged flower will find peace and begin to grow out into the world.  It will be able to take the nutrients from the good earth and allow the magnificence of the sun to shine down and provide solace and light up the world. All nature if in the right place, given the best of circumstances will shine like the brightest of stars