Hey guys…I promise no more vlogs today-thanks to those of you who watched my earlier one on how to respond to people with mental health conditions. The content of this vlog contains one of the most important messages I want to get out there in the public domain, so I have shared it here. It is another vlog which is educational in style, though relaxed as is my usual style. So relaxed I lost my train of thought and had mind freeze at the end of the first video and had to take a few minutes then start recording the last segment!! DUH! I will write an accompanying post relating to today’s vlogs, tomorrow.



  1. Mike Kuplevatsky says:

    I couldn’t have better myself! So, so true! I laughed when you said things like “I’d really like to hit you” because I related to it so much! I hate when people give such responses, it gets me so angry. I would never wish harm on anyone and I probably wouldn’t hit them, but sometimes, I think “What would you do if you had to spend a day living in my shoes?” I get really angry and curious, because it’s so often said to us — things that are hurtful.

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  2. summerstartstoshine says:

    I’m glad you feel I’m representing your viewpoint 😊 I do hope people will think I’m speaking for them, to an extent, as much as you can given that I’m quite eccentric 😋 I really wish we could eradicate hurtful comments as far as possible. Expressing our views candidly and publicly is the only way we can even attempt to do this. I relate to your angry feelings. I get very frustrated! so doing the vlog was therapy for me 😄Thanks lots for your support as always 😊

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  3. Blue Sky says:

    I have been thinking lately that we need a 2″x4″ (I think it may be called a plank for you Brits) emoticon! Here we are struggling with the effects of trauma and having to deal with peoples’ ignorance too! It is enough to make us hate the whole world! It is a wonder we cope at all! Great points Summer!

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