POUR poem

Pour it out, every drop…

your life is like a photograph that’s been badly and messily cropped

You feel pain so deep inside

Stomach crunching fear that can’t be denied

Words hurt but I promise I mean no harm

I just love you, I’m a sucker for your unique charm

No explanation given, the pain of it would stab and hurt me bad

So the dagger stays on the side while the hurt human goes mad

Memories evoked of rejection past

Not everyone wants you-you finally get it, at last

No malice/poisoned chalice

Psycho bitch/wonderland’s Alice

Borderline girl you fucked it up

Honesty reins- girl, give him up

*He* can’t be yours so stop living in dreamland

You’re a whore, massive thick line awaiting drawing in the sand

All ruined with your fair hand

We can get through this, really we can

Can we?

Is this meant to be?

Part of life’s fucked up colourful tapestry?

No calamity

Just you + me

That will always be

It’ll all feel better after a cuppa tea

Grass ain’t greener so don’t flea

Open your eyes and see

It’s not you, it’s cliché me

I get some things right but some things wrong

The slut witch is dead ding dong

Bits shivel up-you’ll never get fucked again

Shut your eyes and count to ten

It will be okay it will be okay it will be okay

If I tell myself that enough times it will be true, yes?

It better be

Type through the pain, don’t be controlled by the psychological bitch from the past

“Nobody wants me”

Well maybe some do

Why do you need that Summer?

Why do you want to be the agent provocateur?

Bunnies are for Easter, not for playboy

Don’t ruin bunnies with thoughts of orgies and such

They are fluffy and have lop ears and bob tails,

not crotches and cum shots and money shots, porn actress lady, “here’s your pay check in the mail”

sex emotion love devotion

peace release till the sound is deceased [have the neighbour’s heard that very loud orgasmic commotion?!]

sex love love sex

friendship soulmate

new life unfurls happy memories create

straight, not so sure, like the ladies too

sorry though no bicurious experimentation, it’s not the done thing that married ladies like me do

settle down

clit sleeps

no attention

lets face it

I’m just a creep


**WORD VOMIT. Sorry it’s not inspirational, just sorting my head out in a therapy soc poem.




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  1. summerstartstoshine says:

    Thanks Kamal! I feel bad actually as you’ve left a few blog comments and I haven’t really chatted with you that much, sorry! I’m glad you liked it. Do you know what’s weird, when I’ve written a post I often forget having written it, or even know what the post is about ;) But I’m glad you liked it, whatever it’s about lol!

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