This blog needs a shake up. And what do we do when it’s autumn and we start feeling run down? We get down to our local chemist to score some vitamin C tablets.


That is what I will do with summerstartstoshine… it’s got a little dreary lately. I haven’t shone. Far from it. I’ve been lack lustre and depressed and need some emotional vitamin C to help me (and you) shine.


From time to time I read the ‘about me’ page on my blog to remind myself what this blog was designed for…and I sometimes think I fall short of my blog missions.

It’s so damn easy to introspectively write about pain, rather than work hard to come up with more inspirational posting, but I will endeavour to include more vibrant vitamin C writing from now on, as well as the typical therapeutic ramblings and poems I have to do in order to keep me (virtually) sane.

Tomorrow I’m seeing my psychologist to reflect on my week of crisis and the utter failure of my attempt at a therapy break from seeing her. When I come home, should I shake it up a bit? Come up with some positive blog content? I’ll bloody try!…. Maybe I could do “top ten things I heart about my therapist!!” Or the top ten things I adore about NHS mental health services! That’d be a challenge 😄

I will try, before I hit publish, to think “is this Summer the depressive writing here?” Or “Is this the sunshiny vitamin C version of her.

I aim for vitamin C from now on.

I promise.

You have my blogger’s word 😊😇