Yes, you read that right. You are. All of you.

This is why…

In a world saturated with image managed social media trending repugnant vacuous bullshit, there are still people out there like you. People with brains. People with minds that function at ridiculously high levels of complexity. Introverts (ie. writers) are sexy-yes you fucking are!

Introverts run circles round the extroverts in the blogosphere. We’re in our element here! Extroverts and your pedestrian dull as dishwater small talk are not welcome here.


Blogging is for people who have a spark about them, not a ‘beat you round the head with flashing neon light have you heard the latest about the Kardashians’ spark, but a spark so fucking bright, you mind fuck me every single day!

When I log into WP and scan through the posts in front of me I feel my excited anticipation begin to build. How I wonder will you all collectively mind fuck me today with your wisdom, your ideas, your spirit, your determination, your passion, your emotion, your soul, your ability to stimulate and bend my mind, just with the power of carefully selected and arranged words, and sometimes images and music too.

You are fucking hot!

You turn me on!

You ignite my mind…and for me to be turned on it’s ‘a mind thing’.

Work the g spot in my mind with your blog posts, “ah yeah, RIGHT THERE!” I cry out in ecstasy.

That’s hit the spot-fuck me that post was good ;)


REBLOG the fucking arse off it!

I must-because I’ve been mind fucked and I wanna share the joy so you can be mind fucked too.

You took me on a journey.

You moved me to tears.

You inspired me.

You made me realise I’m not alone.

You offered a welcome escape.

You made me smile.

I giggled like a delighted baby playing peek a boo and never getting bored of it.


I salute the intelligent.

I salute the original.

I salute the brave, bold and candid. You fucking excite me!

You really do!!!

You make me feel emotions that are different to what I was feeling 2 seconds ago.


Climax upon climax. Fuck me, that post was good. I need a lie down!

Stimulate me up here pointing to head and you stimulate me down here pointing somewhere else ;)

Does anyone else think bloggers are sexy?!

It can’t just be me!

You use your brains and I have no fucking idea what most of you look like, sometimes even what gender you are (not that it particularly matters)…but still you excite me and I love you for what you do to me! Seriously!

Bloggers, you mind fucked me real good :)