One of my favourite pop tart bloggers Raquel at  Recovery to wellness coined the phrase


Quality statement! What a mantra to live by!

UNFUCKWITHABLE is another fave….


These are what sprang to mind when I received this blog comment from BethanyK. Here is it, word for word…publishing her comment as a post is a celebration of our collective badassery :) This made me so happy to read!!!

Thanks BethanyK! :) X

I read all of their blogs too and I must agree…we are all, including you, a bunch of bad ass kick ass strong fighting women and I am honored to be on your blog and to be in the company of speakers of the truth and fighters against stigma and other women who are breaking the silence! I truly respect and honor each of you for what you have been through and what you have done to help others by telling your truth. Connecting and reading all of your blogs has bettered me as a person because it has given me the validation and the feeling that I really have never been alone in this. Thanks ladies for being you

Awesome and inspiring isn’t it!

Almost bought a tear to my PTSD survivor eye :) xxxxx