The sense is NOT something we all have. What is it? ....... It's an abstract knowing- no searching and scrabbling in the dark for insight arrived at through logical reasoning or seasoned introspection. Sense is the way the universe provides us with info rich energetic inflection-higher vibrations-sometimes takes us on a journey lower-fast, not SLOWER-trust it-don't … Continue reading ‘THE SENSE’#soc



Do you ever wonder why you're here on this planet? I do. Do you ever wanna giggle at nothing except for the sheer incredulous ridiculousness and meaninglessness of our human existence. I do. Do you ever want to cry at how much you hate yourself? I do. Do you ever want to draw over the body … Continue reading DO YOU EVER?


Someone you know tells you something upsetting about an experience they've had, or an awkward emotion which makes you, [the listener] feel uncomfortable...or maybe you read a sad blog post, or something upsetting on social media where someone is authentically real about the actual uncensored shittiness of how they're feeling at that moment.... WHAT THE … Continue reading DIFFICULT DISCLOSURES


This post was inspired by a post I read yesterday by one of my special blogger friends, Alexis Rose, the author of this book... Here is  THE POST which inspired me to write this. Alexis and I both have histories of severe trauma (satanic ritual abuse,) and in this post Alexis described the role writing had played … Continue reading D.I.Y EMDR


I think I understand things, then realise I'm blindsighted sometimes and stupidly miss the bloody obvious... I'm tapping on my tiny phone early in the morning. Sleep is for losers...(or tired people?) The trouble is I am tired... really tired...but I can't sleep. I've barely slept all night because I'm in a hotel room. I … Continue reading PTSD FLASH.