The sense is NOT something we all have.

What is it? …….

It’s an abstract knowing- no searching and scrabbling in the dark for insight arrived at through logical reasoning or seasoned introspection. Sense is the way the universe provides us with info rich energetic inflection-higher vibrations-sometimes takes us on a journey lower-fast, not SLOWER-trust it-don’t throw it away-it’s what make you YOU-you have a gift bestowed which is special and only given to you.

The sense can make you feel superior. Because you instinctively intuitively ‘know’ stuff-stuff that is SO OBVIOUS to you, yet seems lost on the rest of your peers and fellow world dwellers…Do you not get it? Do you not get what you’re missing? I think you must be tuned into a different channel to me-that frequency was not set by me-I just live life on this channel specific to only me.

But can it make you also feel small? Yup. Small when you realise you are a lone voice-I’m alone in the playground-I’m making a noise… but they’re not tuned into my sound. I shout, I whisper, the message is “if you love her you shoulda kissed her”. Now you’ve missed her. Her soul hurts from the blister. She’s a cross between a hurricane and a spiritually attuned twister.

My sense is not your sense. My brain works quicker. My heart beats faster. You should have kept up. You didn’t.

I don’t have the patience to wait.

If this is abstract, my apologies…couldn’t be arsed to edit.

The sense never arrives too late.

Straight and narrow.

Do you glide through life like a swan or a heavy cumbersome wheel barrow?

Your field of vision is painfully narrow.

But you don’t realise…as you lack the sense.

No recompense.

You’re happily oblivious to what you’re missing in your world.

So enjoy it and leave me be in mine.

My heart will repair.

Believe me when I say.

“I’m doing just fine”.





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  1. no face woman says:

    It’s true! Sometimes I read your posts and I can’t always find the right words because I haven’t been through what you have experienced. I don’t always have something useful to say… but I always read them and always think of you 💛

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