I’ve gone off brief-not how I want this blog to go

A poem about depression? Oh fuck it, oh no

Not this again. This french noir dog

Summer finds herself trapped below dense depressive fog


Stayed in bed today ALL bloody DAY

Alone/connect-I hate you/don’t leave-OH PLEASE PLEASE STAY

Let me touch you. Come up close

Cheeks glisten wet. Summer’s poetry woefully verbose

So little words & so little thought

Where’s the dog pound when you need em? I want this BLACK FUCKER caught :(

Black dog, you stay even though I don’t stroke or pet you

I shout and you look pleased like I’ve just rewarded you

You’re a persistent drain. You suck joy from this life

If you plague me much more I’ll be at your throat with the sharpened blade of that knife

I don’t do pretty poems sorry, it’s just not me

Emotions are my tic; my allergy, my flea

Scratch scratch scratch, noir BITCH, FUCK OFF

Don’t even think of having puppies even though you crave it like a moon chasing moth

Don’t breed. Don’t strengthen. I CAN’T STAND YOU.

Leave me alone and stop popping up sudden like a ghost dog. BOO!

Black bitch NOT trendy nor kitch

Seroxat pills help but hard to concentrate when doing fiddly details in cross stitch

I don’t even do cross stitch! I just put it in for the rhyme

I’m fucking tired and miserable and I can’t be arsed all the damn time

I’m true on my blog. I say how things are

The black dog is evil. Will I get in trouble if a hypothetical black dog gets run over in a sunshine yellow car?

Tyres splat him

I stop the car and am compelled to go back, to finish the job and to BATTER HIM

Sorry this is quite a graphic murderous post

I’m gonna have a cup of tea now and a slice of buttered toast

Calm down summer. Get well fucking soon

At the black dog’s funeral I’ll be the one arriving with the shiny balloons.


I wanna let go of him. We all know who the black one is.

The black dog is my abusive dad. Insight cork pops on the fizz

Can’t wait for your funeral, abuser papa

I just hope it happens soon, it just seems so close, yet so far :(