I went to Italy once. Italians know how to make a good pizza...also icecream, but that's not the point of this post. So, what makes a good pizza? Quality ingredients? Combined together in the capable hands of a skilled artisan pizza chef? Yeah, probably. Well, I'm part maybe that means I have a head … Continue reading SLICE-A-PIZZA ME



Here it is...later than planned as I did my 5k park run this morning which was the finish line moment (kinda) of RED January. I am knackered in bed recovering as my fitness when I began this challenge was abysmal and isn't loads better now zzzzzzz. Just two more days I think left of this … Continue reading #HYGGE


It is only, you are the only thing I've ever truly known So, I hesitate, if I can act the same for you And my darlin', I'll be rooting for you I start the post with the lyrics to this love song by the inimitable London Grammar for this is the song that inspired my post. The … Continue reading ROOTING FOR YOU


Delve into the stream of my consciousness-a tentative toe dipped in the water-H2 OHhhh-biting cold-SHOCK-sharp intake of breath-away-frost bitten from the bottom up, though red emotional centre still very much intact-pulse pulse pulse-heart pumps the blood where the blood needs to go and places the blood need not go-sugarb rush-impulse-always managing those drives-except the driver is in charge … Continue reading SO STRONG soc


xxx NOTE. No unauthorised reproducing of these doodles...they're kinda mine, but I let you see them as I'm nice like that :) but don't steal them, ok? I hope you understand this blog artist needs some hiding time. I don't think I'm wired for constant friends will know I need LOTS of "hiding in cave" time...too … Continue reading AN ARTIST HIDES


The pressure....where does it come from? looking from side to side There is no one else to be seen on my left or my right...I think...therefore it has to be coming from me. I am my own task master. The pressure source, in this case, originates from deep within my psyche. I think so anyway....though I'm not fully sure. I … Continue reading ICE ICE BABY


Now I'm taking part in R.E.D January I have new blog material to draw on everyday which should hopefully give an endorphin boost to my writing here on summerSHINES.   I live in a quaint village in England a mile inland from the beautiful coast. I can see the sea in the distance from my … Continue reading QUAINT