Who represents the sunlight in your life? Who radiates quality pure energy? Who do you feel cleansed and revitalised after talking to? Who in your circle turns a grey cloud day into a clear air fresh horizon day? People DO have these super powers. It’s not cheesy-I haven’t read too many philosophy/spirituality books. It’s true. I learned this in my lessons of lifeology (see recent post with same title if you missed it).

Today I have spoken with sunshiney people. People who open me up- spiritually, holistically, energetically. I have also been scrolling down the Facebook list of people who are also doing the RED January [Run Every Day in January] mission to raise money for Mind. (See my RED January post on this subject). I see the selfies posted there of the smiling faces. People who are proud because they managed to run or at least walk or swim today despite illness or life setbacks or the bloody BLACK DOG that collectively have claimed many of us and dragged us into the shadows. We DON’T wanna live in the shadows-who fucking DOES? No fucking one of us.

One lady ran 7 miles then unfortunately suffered a spontaneous panic attack and had to ring someone to take her home. That was NOT a failure. That was a triumph that she beat her panic disorder to do the 7 miles to begin with! On a shitty rainy day in January no less.

That lady had sunshine in her because she struggled but SHE DID IT ANYWAY.

Shadow people often don’t have particular handicaps. Some people are just miserable fuckers no matter what happens in their life. Harsh but fair. They are indifferent when good things happen and moaners and catastrophisers when the bad stuff hits the fan.


I admire the ones of us who fucking shine even when the world and life circumstances and brain chemistry are awry. They choose to adopt an attitude of ‘unfuckwithable babassery’. That is genuinely ‘a thing’. Sunshine is not given to us at birth by a fairy godmother. Sunshine is CREATED by the adult decisions we make, by the people we choose to associate with, by the attitudes we adopt and by the behaviours we carry out.


Sunshine is not a gift only given to ‘the lucky ones’ among us. My belief is there are no lucky ones. There are just people who smash the shit out of life with their fucking personalities! We need to take some credit for those strengths I reckon.

What is a personality anyway, you may ask? A personality is a collection of characteristic behavioural response patterns, attitudes, philosophies, mind sets and preferences that make us uniquely US. People will say “oh that is so typically you! or in the case of Britney “just so typically ME, oh baby baby…….etc”

Some people have hardy personalities. They are orchids. They grow anywhere and thrive in any conditions. Others are dandelions. Dandelions require special nurturance because they are delicately structured and prone to collapse under stress, BUT they can still shine. It is just harder for dandelions.

What I want to achieve on this blog is to help dandelions (the thoughtful sensitive types, prone to emotional difficulties), to thrive and to find their sunshiney spot in life-a place where they can put down roots and grow and learn to adapt to the differing weather conditions.

I know I write my summerSHINES blog in quite an INTENSE forceful style with a lot of swearing and flippant sweeping statements-but that is because I’m confident in what I’m saying, so see no reasons to water it down. I may SEEM strong. I may seem formidable. I may SEEM too much sometimes. Maybe you even think I try too hard on here? I personally don’t ever think you can try too hard. I am NOT a hardy type. Mood sunshine is very difficult for me to find, and even more difficult to keep hold of- but you know what? NEVER EVER WILL I GIVE UP….NEVER. And also I will NOT tolerate negativity from others. No bullshit welcome here is my philosophy.

And as for the shadow dwellers [the miserable desponds that is, not the people who are genuinely trying to create sunshine in a challenging climate] …those wh0 try and drag me down in the shadows so they have company…nope! That ain’t gonna happen. I’m just not going to allow that. To be fair it very rarely happens these days, which is awesome :) but nothing at all will extinguish my sun, even if I’m just running on my last dregs of hope some days. The sunshine will always remain in me. I’m confident of that.

This is a poem one of my closest friends send me by email tonight which is so sweet and thoughtful. He gave his permission for me to share it on my blog so here it is. This bought sunshine into my evening and lifted my heart, making me feel cared for and appreciated…it does also have a funny line in it which I highlighted in bold ;)…That is one of my favourite phrases, passed onto to me by another friend!


The sunlight is in her hair. 

It’s also in her soul. 

She said to me, sweetly:

“Sometimes we need to have a fucking word with ourselves.” 

She is blessed, I think, many times over 

Though adversity knocks at her door a bit too often. 

And I am blessed, too 

For she is my friend.  



And this little excerpt of a Beatles song is for another friend I have who brings a lot of sunshine to a whole LOT of people including moi. The lyrics here are beautiful. Allow them to sink in and ponder how you can bring sunshine into your life more. It IS possible… :)

With love and good vibes

Summer X