Now I’m taking part in R.E.D January I have new blog material to draw on everyday which should hopefully give an endorphin boost to my writing here on summerSHINES.



I live in a quaint village in England a mile inland from the beautiful coast. I can see the sea in the distance from my house and various vantage points around the village. How jammy is that! [jammy-a northern word, meaning ‘lucky as fuck’…a  jammy person’s bread [if they were unlucky enough to drop their toast on the floor] would predictably land jam side up, because they are ‘JAMMY’.]

Anyway, I’m an incomer to this village. I’ve been here five years but I doubt I’ll ever be fully accepted by the locals as belonging here. Don’t get me wrong, the villagers ARE friendly here, in a ‘looking at me curious ‘way. If you’ve ever watched the comedy show ‘Little Britain’ you’ll probably have heard of the character Davith, who is, very ostentatiously “the only gay in the village”


…well in this village I’d probably represent “the only one who openly talks about their mental health breakdown and PTSD in the village” It doesn’t have the same ring to it does it!…but you get the idea. Despite this I will happily be seen around the village now running for this great cause (raising money for the UK mental health charity, Mind) and indeed there were several sightings of me around the village this morning by various villagers as I bounced along breathlessly with a beaming smile, trying to conceal how bloody tiring I’m finding this jogging malarkey!

Do you ever do what I do? I bet you do…..when you jog and no one is around you then you jog differently?! I very much do that. I stagger along wheezing like “an asthmatic ant carrying heavy shopping-thanks Blackadder” when no one is around, but whenever I see an approaching villager strolling along with their dog or to buy to their morning papers I start to jog with a considerably more nonchalant air of casualness about me, presenting myself as a jogger with poise, who is far fitter than I actually am, which is VERY unfit. So unfit I could cry actually.

“Oh this? this jogging, it’s nothing really. I could do it in my sleep probably. I’m actually not even tired…” is the air I wish to emanate.

I SO WANT TO STOP, I’M DYING, I should say for the sake of accuracy, but I just keep that little thought privately tucked up inside my head and jog up to said villager in a considerably bouncier gait than thirty seconds ago, with as relaxed a facial expression as I can possibly muster, until I’m a few metres clear of them- and then I slide straight back to the asthmatic wheezing again. Yaay! #jogger’ssecrets ;)

Today has passed by well and tonight the sunset is beautiful. Strips of smoked salmon pink clouds are decorating the winter sky and all is calm. PE bags, swim bags and school bags are packed for tomorrow. Kids bedrooms are immaculate and the kids are out bouncing on the trampoline so I have some peace and quiet to catch up on writing to my friends and reading your lush blogs etc. I’m so bloody on top of everything here [amazingly] so it’s time for me to legitimately relax EXHALE

I’ll leave you with today’s instalment of the R.E.D January post-run selfies… get used to ’em-they’re here for a whole month lol! I might start taking one of my dogs with me too on the runs [if she can promise to behave]. She was muscling in on the selfie anyway so I guess I can take a hint that tomorrow she wants to come. LOL! See ya waves happily I’m ready to flop now, like this little bunny rabbit, aaaah, bless xxx



Summer [the winter jogger] :) X



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