NOTE. No unauthorised reproducing of these doodles…they’re kinda mine, but I let you see them as I’m nice like that :) but don’t steal them, ok?

I hope you understand this blog artist needs some hiding time. I don’t think I’m wired for constant interaction….my friends will know I need LOTS of “hiding in cave” time…too much social input fries my brain and wears me out.

I also need to remind people I do have mental health problems…I may be in recovery, and doing so much better than ever, but fully well I am not. Time for some self-care I think…blogging everyday does take a lot of energy, and the blog chats on top are one step too far. It isn’t that I don’t want to interact with you…I just “can’t”. I also am not in a position to do much emotional supporting at the moment….I’m sorry. Sometimes I can’t be the cheerleader…sometimes I need a cheerleader myself.

I’m burned out.

So here commences my time of restorative blogger hiding…I will still continue to blog as I LOVE blogging, but disable the comments for a while until my frayed brain knits itself back together again and I work out my creative blog direction. Okidoki :)

**RED Update- I am still bloody knackered from the RED January running challenge, and still not fully back to where I was before the 5k I did on Sat [which pushed me to my limits and beyond]. I did a 20 minute jog today and my usual beachy dog walks, but apart from that I’m going easy on myself…it’s the middle of winter ffs! I am still hoping to do the 10k in April though so I’m gonna keep ploughing on :) fist punch I don’t look very happy in the pictures, as I’m not, but I know I’ll pick up again soon…just need to chill. Also, one of the pictures I took has a wavy horizon. That’s because I dropped my brand new phone in the sea ARRRGGGHHHH! I hope it recovers when it dries out!! x



summerSHINES X