I NEED to get back into regular blogging…why? Because newbies in wordpress town are usurping me ;)

I’ll explain the professor lovely reference in the title later on.

Question: Do you remember the first blog post you ever published?

I do.

It’s scary being a first time blogger isn’t it. Publishing yourself out there into the wordpress unknown. Will anyone read this “junk”? Will anyone take a punt and follow this blog? Will me and my blog make it to successville or end up in the virtual scrapheap of deletion/deactivation city?

Lots of people try blogging and realise it’s not for them. There is no harm in that…trying something and it not feeling quite right is absolutely okay…the main thing is you can give yourself an award for being a tryer…someone who is open minded and bold and bloody interesting.

When I tell people I’m a blogger (people who aren’t bloggers themselves), the main reaction is interest and curiosity…


…as if I’ve just let off a conversational firework that I surreptitiously hid in my handbag for dull small talk moments.

I just say the words “I blog,” and listen out for the internal fizz and sparkle going on in the listener’s mind as they quickly go through a process of figuring things out.

First they’ll be figuring out the likelihood that you’ve ever mentioned them in a blog post without you knowing lol!

It is a decision tree in their minds that looks something like this…

Then the question inevitably comes…what do you blog about?

I then reply to them cheerily that I blog about mental health.


Nerves permeate the atmosphere.

Has the air just got chillier?

How long will they hold their breath for?

FUCK ME THIS GIRL IS ONE HUMAN RISK goes the thought bubble inside their head.

Which prompts a decision tree that looks a little something like this…


Not only a blogger, but a blogger who blogs about their own mental health.

Oh my GOSH.

For most casual acquaintances that is the first they’ve ever heard of me having mental health issues, so they have to swallow their surprise and feign coolness and open mindedness because they are conscious about stigma to the extent they know they shouldn’t have a problem with mental illness but not to the extent where they actually are cool about mental illness. lol.

This is the approximate facial expression you may be faced with….


But I am quite happy to shock and actually find it quite amusing…just like when I bumped into a local in the woods when running the other day, and happened to be making a short vlog clip about my previous suicide attempts when I noticed her sudden arrival.

I saw the funny side of this.

I nearly killed myself. Deal with it.

Soz to be blunt, but my gravatar states I was not meant to be subtle. That is one such example of my bluntness.

So, despite all the perils of people finding out you blog, and not only that, that your blog is ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH….

she faints

I still do it!!!

I love what I do, and I always encourage anyone interested in blogging about mental health to just try blogging about mental health, because it is the best therapy and also is extremely likely to help other people who read your blog content too.

Who knows how much blogging will help you personally, as well as others?

With that in mind I have encouraged/arm locked a friend of mine to try blogging. He goes by the name of Buffy Devane, and you can peep at his link right about HERE

This is his tagline…

Moonlight & Music; Love & Laughter; Anxiety & Depression; Dancing & Champagne

He has decided on 10 experimental blog posts in 10 days. After the 10 days is up he’ll decide whether to stick at it.

My crystal ball suggests he will as he’s ace at writing-really quirky and suave. A bit like James Bond, but more British ;) He is wanting to bring a bit of his mental health into the blog content, but also like me to write creatively and in an uplifting escapist style. Not many blogs about mental health are uplifting let’s be honest….that is the challenge I guess- to write cathartically, but also retaining positivity in the face of the utter crapness of anxiety and depression.

Please have a peep at what he’s written. He is your archetypal English eccentric-bloody clever and a great conversationalist. He also has a heart of gold and is one of my loveliest and kindest friends. He comes highly recommended :)

He calls me ‘professor lovely’ btw, because he reckons I’m cleverer than him, and also a pretty nice human being…I agree on the nice bit, but I reckon he’s actually no less cleverer than me, just usually blotto on champagne which maybe inhibits his brain cells somewhat ;)

Professor lovely says….give Buffy Devane, my new blogger friend a chance…he’s totally FAB. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed :)

Thanks for reading

summerSHINES ©






24 thoughts on “PROFESSOR LOVELY

  1. Blog Andrew says:

    Haha :) HOWEVER I’ll never be popular because I’ve never been able to stick to a theme :/ , 95% blogs, like yours, are written for a purpose whether mental health, cookery, travel or bondage and that’s how to make good friends, because you have like minded interests, I guess the important thing is to be true to ones self but I am trying to be more sensible! I guess at the end of the day all I ask of WP is that a reader finds something interesting and if they smile then that makes me truly happy. (Yours btw is one of my favourites, I have 10 I follow avidly.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. summerSHINES says:

    I’m glad you appreciate Summer shines 😊😊😊I hardly follow any blogs either as I don’t have the time 🙈 You being true to yourself is very quirky it has to be said! In a cool way 😆


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