I am going to be doing some different things on my blog to switch things up a bit. This blog is an evolving living thing-far more than just the nuts and bolts of WordPress templates, domains, widgets and JPEGS that constitute it. This blog is an extension of me and my inner world which I … Continue reading INFLUENCE



A sharpie offering...explaining how it feels to be a harassed mum in the school holidays....In my summerSHINES world anyway... Tomorrow is day nine. The last day. On Monday my life will become safe-routine-ordered-planned-controlled-ok-zen-calm. When I was childless I never ever appreciated my ability to control my stimulation and socialisation levels. I took it for granted. … Continue reading 4 SHADES OF GREEN


Today is a pants day. I feel angst-ridden, bitter, depressed, lifeless and generally shit which is why I significantly over-used the word "shit" whilst drawing these scribbles earlier.  I'm off duty today. I cannot be an internet inspirer today. Sometimes mind crap accumulates and has to be expressed. I'm sorry this is not uplifting reading...this … Continue reading PD ANGST


The title isn't what you think ;) ...In the summerSHINES blog I would say my blogging is usually executed in the the polar opposite style to 'stripped back'. It is intense-it's vibrant-it's expressive....word heavy-visually popping too. But I am not always 'that' person. Sometimes, like today, I find myself in a little mood slump, and I'm not feeling especially shiny...but shining is … Continue reading TODAY I’LL STRIP


This is a message to my real-life ex family. " I know you will find my summerSHINES blog eventually, assuming you haven't already... You may have found my page via the mental health selfie/blog posts I wrote for Mind...And as I embrace more media opportunities, many other channels in which you could come across me in will be … Continue reading A FAMILY LOST


Here are some personal life insights and lessons scrawled in sharpie (as is my Sunday tradition)... I think I'll do a sharpie post on that, to get some emotion out there and therapeutically faced up to... Bear with... ;)... more to follow  SummerSHINES PS.  In the comments please share any LIFEOLOGY insights you've gained lately. … Continue reading LIFEOLOGY INSIGHT


I've gone off page lately in my therapy sessions. With therapy (especially Clinical Psychologist NHS evidence-based time-bound psychological therapy,) you start with a blank page. You don't know your therapist and they don't know you. True, they may have notes to read made from other professional clinicians, but essentially you begin with a blank page … Continue reading THERAPY DESTINY