I have taken my eye off the ball people…or to be more accurate, there are too many balls to track. My idea balls are bouncing all the way from infinity to beyond…It’s one giant attentional bounce fest .I actually think I’ve forgotten how to write coherently in full sentences as I’ve been trapped in a social media vortex, aka the Red January Facebook group page.

Fact: Excessive Facebook use actually makes you less intelligent (says me).

But I have loved every sweaty minute of RED January…[except the depressed PTSD bit of it], but that probs would have happened anyway, such is my usual mood pattern-ology.

I’ve been exercising hard, as per my 2017 plan. I haven’t literally been whacking impressive serves and volleys over the net of a real tennis court, but it’s a good metaphor for what’s happening right now in this crazy thing called life. I am metaphorically smashing the shit out of this year so far. Plans are coming into fruition and new ideas are forming all the time.

Bosh & BOOM.

Mentally ill….who me? I don’t think so.

I don’t feel unwell…not today anyway. I think I’m a well person who because of obvious reasons has bad days sometimes…but fundamentally you are not looking at a poorly blogger who barely functions. I function bloody well these days :)

I am pursuing mental health recovery with enthusiasm and dedicated commitment.

The good news is I’m a month into this year and I haven’t monumentally fucked anything up yet [so far] which is absolutely tremendous news!!!

I am not aware of even tiny fuck ups…which is excellent.

I think I have handled myself my dignity, grace, and significant innate badassery.

I think I’m improving in maturity, and becoming less impulsive. I am communicating better and clearer and when I am beginning to skid like Bambi on the ice I am able to correct my dysfunctional movements and do what a non-personality disordered adult would do…pretty much anyway.

Sorry for the self boosting here, but surely it’s gotta be better than me writing in great deal about my utter misery?  If there is no misery present, I just cannot write about it…so it’s me, blogging about being okay. What fun :)

This isn’t to say I haven’t had some shitty moments/days lately…of course I have-we all do. Even people without mental health disorders have shitty days. I’m just content to be feeling okay after my depressive/anxious PTSD ep.

I’ve got a new hair cut and I’ve gone a bit lighter to reflect my lighter mood and increased optimism. I did a video to upload this morning and Vimeo has decided to stop working so I’ll try and upload that later.

What else? I got to over 400 followers!!!! WOW! I am well chuffed with that!

Thank you for clicking follow.

Btw I am not cool/ impressed about having people just ‘like’ everything I post without reading it. I know which ones do that and it kinda defeats the point of blogging I think? Don’t you. From now on, please only like if you like it, and especially only like if you’ve actually read my posts LOL!

I don’t play blogger games.


Anyway, epic tremendousness is my phrase of the day :)

Thank you all of you, especially the ones who actually read my posts haha.

Now RED January is over I will have more time for blogging [I hope], although I am now organising a big fundraising event for Mind…which is super exciting but will also take up quite a bit of time.

Life is just FAB. Overall. I ignore the less than fab aspects, as I don’t want to feed into that negativity. I wanted this year to be different, and so far it fucking is! My best start to a year EVER.

How good is that!

Anyway, gotta dash-coffee to drink, blogs to read, dogs to walk, children to care for.

PS. It’s Time to Talk day 2017 today…please instigate a conversation today about mental illness…be a leader…stick your neck out…inspire others to be the same…there really should be no shame in talking openly and honestly about mental illness-the shame is only on people who choose to ignore it and stigmatise those who suffer from mental health conditions.


This is a definite mental health stigma-free blog.

Any ignorant trespassers will be removed :)

SummerSHINES is such a anti-mental health stigma blog that I am writing the words SUFFERING WITH A MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER AND TALKING OPENLY ABOUT IT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE here in capital letters, to emphasise that I really do mean it! xxxxx




summerSHINES-enlightening those that need to be enlightened, and giving strength and inspiration to those who are already enlightened  pretentious comedy royal wave

See ya X You can see my in talking form later on my vlog when the bugger decides to upload shakes head in distinctly annoyed fashion

Here is my sensitively titled “fuck stigma” video….

And here is Lorde’s song “Tennis Court”. Love this one…  “Don’t ya think that it’s boring how people talk…”