This is a new thing for me….discussion of politics and social media on SummerSHINES. Don’t worry though, it’s not going to be serious and respectable…you don’t need to be a graduate of the open university to read it, nor do you need to have much/if any interest in politics. I don’t, Β and I’m writing this anyway.

In the little globe we inhibit at no other time has world political news been more at the forefront…which is bad news for me as I don’t ‘do politics’…but even me…who opts out of watching the news or reading the papers, I just cannot escape some exposure to the dreaded P word because of social media.

I am not American…but by God am I getting sick of hearing about Mr whoopee cushion himself, Donald Trump. I have many of my own private names for him which I am not sure whether to share…so I’ll just stick with Mr whoopee cushion.

Mr whoopee cushion is the elected president of the USA, and boy is he an unpopular choice the world over! Definitely in Britain anyway. I know nothing of his politics, and cannot claim to base this post on any political knowledge base (as i don’t have one innit πŸ˜‚) but personally would not have voted for his American ass because of his general persona and what values he embodies. I’d say in summary he embodies the general values of “being an arsehole” and does that rather well. I’d say that is actually his key contribution to world politics-being an arsehole and us all hearing about what an arsehole he is. He is absolutely nailing theΒ “international laughing stock” goal he must surely be orientated towards. There is absolutely no way anyone can be attaining this level of fuckupery without it being part of a motivated and whole-hearted concerted effort…surely? You cannot be this much of a universally hated arsehole without even trying? Can you? So I can only assume he is trying very hard…and he is succeeding. Congrats.Β 

I don’t know what’s going down in America and the natureof what American news coverage of the political whoopee cushion is actually like, but I know the word on the street (as described on social media)Β is there are a lot of unhappy Americans right now (namely the ones that didn’t vote for him).Β 

I would not like to be American right now. A political American blogger took a similarly patronising stance towards my Britishness in the wake of Brexit. He pitied me for being a citizen in a country who had monumentally fucked ourselves over leaving the EU. That was his opinion, expressed very forcefully in response to my “YAAY I’m so glad we left the EU we can get back our bendy bananas” flippantly written victory post πŸ˜‚ (That bendy banana post is still one of my favourites but it’s on my old blog so I had to delete it. RIP to that blog. That blog gave me my blogger friend Anne J. Love you Anne 😊❀) .. I digress.

Anyway right now I shall repay the patronising honour of that pity…to my American counterparts. (Who I hope know all of this is in good spirits and actually not meant to offend).

Just.. HOW COULD YOU?!!!!

How could you elect a whooppee cushion to run your beautiful country?

Anyway.. that’s enough of that, but just one more time “how the fuck could you?!!!!”

Anyways…I watched this clip shared on Facebook earlier and I thought it was genius. This is our PM-TM justifying to Jeremy Kyle Corbyn why she is not blocking the whoopee cushion from entering outhe country. The thing is I actually agree with what Kyle-Corbyn said.. but the way TM wipes the floor with Kyle-Corbyn is so skillfully executed. Good on ya TM πŸ˜‚

And now this…another genius hilarious clip found on Facebook, about the contrived bullshitness of 24 hour news programming and the kind of rubbish we’re exposed to if we choose to watch TV news.Β

I absolutely love this as it’s sooooo true. This is why I opt out! I don’t need my mind filled with copious bullshit. But if I am gonna watch anything political, from now on it’ll be PM-TM oblitefrying Jeremy Kyle-Corbyn on prime ministers question time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


And that concludes my temporary departure from mental health writing, and attempt at illuminating the world of politics from a uniquely summerSHINEY perspective πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

I hope whatever your political stance that you can appreciate the clips I’ve shared here 😊

Keep shining & trumping ;)