Regular followers of my blog will know I ran everyday in January for Mind-my mind and yours. It was shared on the website of this UK mental health charity earlier today, as well as their Facebook and social media channels, and I have raised £260 for Mind so far.

I am so proud that Mind shared my story of how I used running every day in January to help combat my PTSD and boost my mental health. The runnning streak has continued beyond January….I even ran 5k today…in the snow! That’s dedication for you…

Anyway, here is the post I wrote 🙂 It’s weird having your face and words on a screen, but very much good weird 🙂 I’m enjoying taking a moment here to enjoy what I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve moved on since the acute phase of my illness.

I’m really proud of myself today…to be honest I feel proud of myself often, but particularly so today 🙂 It feels good, to feel good.

And that is good 🙂


Here is my selfie from today to prove I ran 😉

and here is the link to the Mind website HERE …..you’ll find my story on the front page 🙂




33 thoughts on “I RAN FOR MIND!

  1. I’m glad you feel proud in yourself for this achievement. You deserve to. I’m proud of you also. Saying you’ll do something is one thing. Doing it is another thing altogether. I hope you inspire others to believe in themselves and achieve something with this x

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    1. Thanks hun! I don’t think people actually expected me to do this and stick to it…but I did and I still am. I’m not running every single day but I’m fitter and healthier and feeling really proud of myself 😊💪👍💕

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      1. I knew you’d stick to it. It was never in doubt. Unlike most, you don’t talk for the sake of talking and you actually strive to achieve things you say you want to. It’s good and well talking the talk, but you walk the walk as well 🙂 x


    1. Thanks hun! I can’t believe I ran in the snow today as well!! 😂 I am so proud to be writing openly about mental health in the media. It’s an honour to have my voice heard xx


    1. Thank you Deborah…I appreciate that and it’s humble of you to apologise and accept you were in the wrong. I’m proud I stuck with the challenge, and off the back of this I’m arranging a group hike to fundraise for my local Mind, to keep the support services going in my area. I feel like I’m moving on in life and no longer feeling so limited by my past-which is a good thing 🙂 I hope you’re okay. Take care of yourself. Summer

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