Shiny ideas.

All the ingredients.

Bubble away in cauldron.

A survivor finds her VOICE.

Izzy wizzy lets get busy FIZZLER.

Wave maker gonna make waves make  [MANTRA].

Journalist wants my voice added to CHORUS LINE.

Would you like to write for us Summer? WOWZERS!

Do you want to be ADDED to Mind media database!?!

Ten words written now poetry pyramid descends to NINE.

Can not wait to SHARE my survivor story.

After the crap, a bit of GLORY.

Life is hard, though sometimes SHAMAZING.

More writing equals bloody FABulous :)

Feeling satisfied and PROUD.

ALIVE with possibility.

Healing HAPPENS.

This pyramid idea was from a blogger friend of mine Buffy Devane. Click for his blog here I’m just sharing my good news today that a journalist saw my blog for Mind and wants me to write something for them 😊 YAAY!

Woop woop wooping round la maison de summerSHINES currently 😂 I love it when life works out. Really feeling nice today :) …And hopefully some opportunities will come from me being added to the media database for potential interviews etc. The future looks bright 😊 

I’m now going to share a selection of happy pictures from my instragram.

When I browse through images I go to my happy place in my mind….so I’m bringing my visual happy place to you tonight via my summerSHINES blog Xx  

With love from a currently happy and super shiny summerSHINEY blogger :) X


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