Today has been a whirlwind…far too whirly and windy to blog about. What I need right now is sleep, so this will be probably be the shortest post EVER.

Earlier I went through my blog scribbles and fanned them out and photographed them. Each paper clipped bundle of parchment/tree represents a moment in time…a spark…an idea…an emotionally charged scribbling emotional processing, or conversely escapist therapeutic experience. 

When I scribble my brain works differently to when I write. 

Both activities put me in a blissful state of flow, but in different ways.

Emotional processing is probably more satisfying and quicker when I doodle. That’s why I cannot stop, even though my writing is maybe preferred (or at least expected) by blog readers. 

What I loved when I reviewed my sharpie scribbles is that I could gather a bundle of inked card and paper in my hands and physically touch it. I could feel the weight of the sharpie bundles. I felt a sense of achievement from having created something from nothing. 

Just me, some paper and some pens for scrawling. 

My sharpie scribbles genuinely make me happy. I smile whenever I read through them. 

With my writing I simply cannot read them back after I’ve published it…I’m too self critical. I think my writing is good when I’m in the process of writing it, but then when I send it out there I see flaws. 

Good writers have to edit…and to be able to edit well you have to realise the flaws in your writing and amend them…so writing is inherently a critical flaw-centred process, as well as a freeing cathartic one. You have to let yourself go enough in order to be creative…yet rein yourself in to make it read well.

When I scribble I don’t care as much…I’m a flippant scribbler. So what if no one likes them but me- I absolutely know I can’t draw!!…the fun comes from trying to express feelings and thoughts with a pen, when you have absolutely zero drawing ability. It’s hilarious! ;)

 It is also ridiculously frustrating though to have great ideas which you can’t draw out like they are in your head…anyway, the point is, I try anyway, even though I know my limitations as an artist.

And I love both forms of creative blog expression. I cannot say one is my favourite.

They are just part of me. The writing is well practised. The doodling is novel.  

I love both.

But earlier today I felt happiest when I was clutching my scribbles.

I made these from nothing, and I enjoyed the process of making them…that’s what creativity is!