Is love just someone saying “I love you” in an annual birthday or Christmas card…? Is love seeing only goodness in a person- being blind to their flaws? Is love having an intense liking for someone and their flaws NOT putting you off? Is love always more enduring than lust or friendship? What happens when love ends? Does true love/real love ever end? Is love that burns bright and sparkles then extinguishes as quickly as it started really truly ‘love’? What lasts longer-love or hate? What is more powerful-love or hate? What carries the higher energetic/transformative charge-love or hate? What about shades of love?-shades of hate?-shades of liking? Shades of pleasure and pain? Triumph v loss? Heart via soul? What about heart PLUS soul? Mind PLUS body?

Why all the questions summerSHINES?

I can’t deconstruct love. I know when I fucking feel it though- that’s for sure. And I know how I feel today as I look through my box of sentimental precious items.

This all reminds me what love is.

Fuck love-lust-liking, and any arbitrary semantic distinctions.

This is love right here!

This started a form of love I’ve never felt before (10 years ago). And it beats any other kind of love out there.

If I’m ever in any doubt as to how valued I am-and how necessary my existence on this planet…all I have to do it look through my box of love. Love permeates all around it. I feel the loving energy hit and revive me as the lid opens. I breathe that in.

Powerful manipulations of my heart and soul then occur, FAR stronger than any Spaniard playing his native guitar by a rustic table as I sip red wine and clutch a full blooming red rose with the prickles on the stem cut off…FAR stronger too than the sound of a chorus of high pitched violins filling the acoustic brilliance of the Royal Albert Hall.

This is what love is…

It’s all shut tight now and safe back in my box of love-ready for the next time I need my next nostalgic hit…the next day I need to be reminded what love is and how blissful it feels to receive love and appreciation from the two angels me and my husband created.
1+1=1 (Baby no. 1)

1+1=1 ( Baby no. 2)

2 adults + 2 children = 1 happy family and multiple loving connections in all directions.

SummerSHINES ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

PS. ย These ones made me laugh…

Here is my youngest when she helped me out by writing the Chinese takeaway order down

Bless ๐Ÿ˜

This is why they love my husband…I think they are thinking of their stomachs here ;)

And this is what they think of me…reminder if ever I get cocky on my blog I must always remember I AM categorically NOT FUNNY!!!


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