This is my Facebook post from earlier. I have no other words. This video has got me right in the heart x

**Interruption of usual social media vacuous BS coming right up.

It is literally impossible for me to watch this video without crying…why? Because this is not just a film to me. Not just something to waste away four minutes of my life while I have a brew and a biscuit and surf social media.

It is what my soul wants to do in the world-this is my life purpose.

It starts with my summerSHINES blog, but I can do SO MUCH MORE than blogging. I know I can AND I WILL.

I literally believe every word of this video, and with my recent accomplishments it has given me a taste of what my life can be and all the possibilities that lie ahead. When you have drive and focus and vision, nothing is insurmountable.

This film is dedicated to all the strong women I have the pleasure to know and the strong sensitive men by our side.



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