Yesterday I had an idea-today it is closer to being a reality!

I’m currently getting feedback from my advisors (aka my friends) on business names for my new personal coaching summerSHINES sideline. Woop!
As if it isn’t enough to blog, be a media volunteer for national Mind, work on local fundraising projects, write books, and attempt to create a living out of freelance writing for magazines and newspapers (!!!) I am going to add on personal coaching as a sideline. Quite how it’ll go I’m not sure, but nothing ventured nothing gained and I am optimistic that this will be a success.

I know that for all my flaws and imperfections, I am a good person. 

I am actually ‘flawsome’
I am a moral person. A kind person. A shiny and inspiring person, an uplifting person, a supportive & empathic person. A naturally perceptive person who has keen insight and intellect, balanced with intuition. A sensitive shining BADASS who has good sense and a big heart.

I know I am all those things…and I give all of that away from myself to my friends and online associates every single day. What you see on my blog is only a fraction of what I spend my day doing.
My day is almost continually social-emailing, texting, instant messaging, finding material that I hope will be inspirational in content to share on all the social media channels I’m a part of-all sorts of stuff-ness.

I spend my life giving giving giving. I obviously give people things that they want, like and need, because they continue to contact me.

My time is in demand. I am in demand. I have a purpose and I love that! That is what gives life reward and meaning :)

However, I am in need of some financial remuneration here….as essentially I already work on a full-time basis, from dusk till dawn, giving to people; giving them my attention, my time, my advice, my concentrated listening capacity, my empathy, my intuition, my precious energy.

I give with my whole mind, heart and soul to whoever I interact with.

That is why I am in demand and popular.

People these days are starved of these basics.

We are all so busy, so pressured, so physically tired from endless pressure, so mentally taxed…talking to someone like me (I am not the only person who does this) ;) allows us to recoup our valuable energy.

It is like being gently breathed back into life by another person who believes in the goodness of you.

Some people are naturally able to do this…it comes from a combination of natural empathic ability (the ability to walk in someone elses’s shoes, even to the extent you can feel the piece of grit under their heel in their right shoe that makes it painful to weight bear on), intellect, or ‘mentalisation’ (the ability to mentally conceptualise what is going on in another person’s head, and plan what would be a more efficient way of another person achieving their intended goals, or indeed visualising what that person’s optimum goals to work towards actually are…before the person themselves has spontaneously figured it out yet!!) and practical skills & abilities (this can mean things like your effectiveness to communicate those ideas well in writing or verbally, your ability to manage time and prioritise what is the most important aspect of a problem to focus on, your ability to listen actively and formulate a sense of what is going on with a person, and your ability to combine everything coming in from your senses to form a clear and detailed practical plan of how to assist a person to move forwards.)

Sensitives (like me) have a lot to give to the world-many gifts…however the personal cost is overwhelm. I need to ensure I am not putting in a full days work, being thoroughly nice and supportive to people and giving absolutely everything I’ve got of myself, to the detriment sometimes of my partner and kids…with no financial value attached to that time I am giving away-investing in a person and their development. I have to build a life that works for me too. I will continue being my shiny self, just for a small fee ;)
I already work as an informal coach to my friend, but it is called “friendship”. I am a good friend. I am a valued friend. I know I have been a shining light for many people already, and now I am getting weller and stronger and more consistently able to operate at higher levels of effectiveness I am able to ‘be there’ for people. I am no longer submerged in illness as I used to me. I am mastering my BPD and PTSD with ever greater capacity.

The recovered version of me is shining brighter and brighter than ever before, and I am now in a position to be able to assist others doing the same :)…which is pretty outstanding given where I’ve come from, just how bad things got, and how now I am mastering this post-traumatic SHINE malarkey with greater and greater ease and aplomb!

I am going to come up with a launch date for my new coaching business once I’ve chosen the business name and mapped it all out in my head as a coaching service, the legalities of it, and what services exactly I want to offer.

There is so much planning involved, but it is an exciting development in my blogger history and I am literally off the edge of my seat excited about this!!!

Loving life right now…and it’s about bloomin’ time!

SummerSHINES ©

PS. I have given up swearing for lent

so prepare for a blog that even your innocent child could read ;) 40 DAYS is a long time though-WOWZER!
Here are some inspirational memes I love. I hope you love them too (swearing in memes is ok as I didn’t write the memes 😂) plus I put a pic of my PharmaTimes article on the end as I’m still totes proud about that 😛





23 thoughts on “SHINE COACHING

  1. Alexis Rose says:

    This is awesome Summer! Are you getting a coaching certificate? I have a close friend who teaches life/health coaching at the University has a supportive international network of coaches she connects with for professional support and she also puts on workshops with them. Im sure she would be willing to give you some pointers on setting up a coaching practice if you want her email address.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. vishal4u says:

    OMG you said so much about yourself and what you do, well you have your hands full of work and you talked about giving it endlessly with utmost grace and faith which is so admiring.
    Wish you keep ob doing what you love and enrich the life of everyone around you, including us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lizalizaskysaregrey says:

    Whoop whoop, bloody brilliant (lol I’m not giving up swearing).

    This is similar to what I want to do at some point, obviously different clientele but we have the same focus and that’s helping people. I am right behind you darling, think that you will be fab at this, you have so much experience, empathy and understanding, Not only that, you’re clever and determined too so you will make this work.

    Now for the new moon and eclipse we had last week, it means the time is right for new projects, so go right ahead and change you future! xxxx

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  4. no face woman says:

    This is a bloody brilliant idea (I haven’t given up cursing – ‘pologies). I think you’ll be fantastic! I don’t see what you spend your day doing, but I do see the amount of time you invest into communicating, empathising and caring for people around you. You are a well of support and warmth and I can’t think of a better way to channel your skills <3 Really excited to see where this will take you xxx

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  5. summerSHINES says:

    Wow-I wanna kiss your face haha! You are so encouraging! I am having to do a lot of re-thinking over my future and coaching has always been in my mental plan, but I hadn’t felt confident enough to pursue it till now. I just have to ensure I pace myself and not try and take on the whole world in one go lol! One step at a time :) X

    Liked by 1 person

  6. no face woman says:

    Yes one step at a time but it’s so fantastic to see you recognising your talents and thinking about how you can use them to build your future. I’m so behind you! Go for it! 💛💛

    Liked by 1 person

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