Another busy and mentally taxing day. Here are tonight’s moodles (doodles to change your mood)… :)

First I had to full my head entirely with calm thoughts… 

.. then I did this….

It’s clear there’s a lot of catastrophising going on there!

I think I’m clearly daunted by the tasks ahead of me that I’ve set myself. I will prevail though.  I always do because of my tenacity and epic bounce-back-ability. 

All is well. And I have Bailey’s in hand. 

Cheers guys and gals X 😘


PS.  Therapy first thing tomorrow. Yikes! I have two weeks worth of inner psychological jazz to work out in the therapy room. Then a 5k run to clear away the cobwebs. 

Oh joy :)….Oh and a healthy check in the afternoon shakes head

I detest anything medical grimace & wince & ouch combo

Ho hum. 

I must have subconsciously blocked that medical anxiety out when I moodled out my worries squints, as it wasn’t one of the choices on my worries to let go of images…curiouser and curiouser.


Good night peeps Xxx

I saw this image earlier and was attracted to it. I don’t know why I like it or what exactly it means…I just like it X