Today was nearly life-altering and super exciting, until it wasn’t.

This pretty much sums up my day.

Before you rejoice with me in mutual celebration I still haven’t had the call to speak with the BBC producer… so it looks like I will not be appearing on BBC Breakfast as a guest tomorrow morning. DOH!
Never mind.

I am just grateful to be honest that I nearly got on telly…maybe there are advantages of nearly achieving certain milestone things (?!)

I certainly WILL get on telly one of these days for sure, and I suspect it won’t be very long off.

…so, why exactly do I wanna get on telly?

I am not entirely sure actually and have never really articulated it fully in a blog post nor fully figured it out in my mind, so I will try a dissect it a bit [if it is something that can be dissected].

Whenever I have watched telly I have wanted to be on it…but not someone in a gameshow or a reality TV show contestant…always in documentaries and interview type sitches. Usually in my dreams I am interviewed by intelligent articulate people and I give equally intelligent articulate balanced and reasonable insightful answers, with an injection of bubbly personality too, OBVS…don’t wanna send viewers to sleep.

I like talking to intelligent peeps and am drawn to them…except (NO OFFENCE) but there aren’t many of them in the immediate vicinity of rural Northumberland where I live. True story. [Locals, don’t shoot me].

I want to be on telly as an expert of generic and specialised interestingness. I can be interesting about a lot of things, but obviously I want to specialise in being most interesting about the topics of mental health awareness, BPD, PTSD, trauma and abuse and so on…as they are my thangs.

(NOT THONGS-too wiry. NOT THINGS-too obvious. THANGS is my chosen word, as it is fulfils the dual purpose of being interesting and vaguely bewildering)

I think I would be ok on telly. If I thought I’d be shit I’d say, “no telly people, I will not converse with you any further because I know I will be absolutely pants at that”…

Anyway, this is all academic as I am not appearing on telly, but I’m glad I nearly did because it’s lifted me out of a depressed spell (temporarily at least).

I should nearly get on telly far more than this, for it’s evident anti-depressant properties!

Imagine what it would be like to actually get on telly!! scream face

For now, nearly is plenty enough for me.

Nearly is good.

And a BIG THANK YOU to the lovely blogger person who helped me today X

One day, promise I’ll nearly buy you a drink  ;)