I currently have 565 people following summerSHINES…my next goal is to get as many UK blogger friends to meet up to RUN WITH ME!-real-life me yes I do exist and am a real person! :P

This post is for the attention of UK bloggers who like running, (or international bloggers who like plane journeys?!) and are happy to travel to the North-East coast on 11th June to take part in a 10k charity run with me.


I work as a fundraising volunteer for my local Mind (Tyneside & Northumberland) and I have set up a fundraising group called MEETING OF MINDS.

I became a fundraising volunteer having been a user of Tyneside & Northumberland Mind’s services myself last year, when I went through a very difficult patch with my mental health. I had counselling funded by them as I was a victim of crime, attended their safe space support group, and also their mindfulness course. Steph and Laura were amazing to me, and I count them as people who were very important in my mental health recovery :) That is why I am now wanting to gather up as many donations for them as possible so they can continue the FANTASTIC work they do!

Mind is a UK mental health charity which does fantastic work to improve the lives of those affected by mental health disorders. You can find out all about them on http://www.mind.org.uk.


They have THE BEST information about mental health disorders and associated topics of any mental health charity I’ve come across. Their descriptions are plain English without jargon, and they include lots of quotes from real people living with these disorders to give you a real insight into how it feels to be us. National Mind do lots of high profile campaigns to improve what is available to support those with mental health difficulties. I am a media volunteer for them and have had two blogs published by national Mind. Here is one on how running helped me conquer my PTSD….


Local Minds however are separate from national Mind, but come under the Mind umbrella. What many people don’t know is that local Minds have to do their own fundraising in order to be able to provide support services in your area of the UK, as they run as independent charities. There are over 140 different Local Minds currently -THAT IS A LOT OF MINDS (!)


Anyway, I am running for Tyneside and Northumberland, and I have eight other runners who are running with me to support their Local Mind.
What I want is to add to this tally of runners by encouraging as many of you as possible to run the Bamburgh 10k for your Local Mind of choice.

All you’d need to do is decide which Mind you are running it for, tell the manager of that Mind that you are taking part in a fundraising run for their Mind region, set up a Justgiving (or equivalent link) on the page of your local Mind, where people can read your personal story and donate, (the manager will help you with this), and also ask them to supply you with a running vest with their logo on it, then you’re all set to go!

A press release is going out soon to try and drum up some media awareness, so the sooner you let me know you want to take part the better and I can include your Mind.

Run places can be booked on this link…runners are responsible for paying for their place. £15-17 depending on whether you’re part of a running club or not. (Click the no t-shirt option as you will be running in a Mind charity vest.)


I will be meeting everyone at a Mind tent, and we can all set off together (running at your chosen speed as we will probably all vary in terms of fitness). Me? I am SLOW! It is a flat run on coastal roads. Here is me on Bamburgh beach training…

In my training runs I haven’t got up to 10k yet so I need to get some serious training in. June is ages off though, and this is totally doable. If you’re a runner already then even better, as you won’t be hyperventilating as much as me and you can pull me along.

Please leave a comment, or email me at summerstartstoshine@yahoo.com if you want to take part.

Imani Summer-the (actual) person behind summerSHINES X