A friend sent me the link to this clip from Chariots of Fire this morning, and tells me the slow-mo running sequence of the men sprinting through the waves was filmed at Bamburgh :)

I can’t put a number on how many times I’ve walked along the shoreline at Bamburgh over recent years, never once realising the Chariots of Fire association. I thought this is just so perfect and meant to be, the fact I’ll be running the BAMBURGH 10k with a bunch of friends in June, for the mental health charity MIND.

Bamburgh is a beautiful place steeped in history and atmosphere, the ancient capital of Northumbria, located in the far North-East of England. Until I went to Bamburgh for the first time (when on holiday), never before had I walked along a beach dominated by the most impressive of castles. I just couldn’t get over it, how there was a HUGE real-life castle set into the cliffs just up from the sandy beach.

I had been to plenty of beaches in my time that had promenades or piers or lines of shops and beach bars and fish and chip shops dotted along the horizon. I had also been to plenty of beaches where I had ridden astride a donkey (usually a grumpy one who didn’t like being ridden or photographed), or beaches where I’d idled away a sun-drenched afternoon eating 99s drizzled in raspberry sauce, and watching a Punch and Judy show involving sausages and crocodiles and rolling pins (It’s an eccentric british sense-of-humour thing!).
That was my vision of UK seaside holidays….donkeys, ice creams, fish and chips, punch and judy-END OF.

But then (in my 30s) we came to Northumberland on holiday for the first time (up in the wastelands) and did a lot of this….


…when we parked up at Bamburgh beach and saw a bloody great big CASTLE! And NOT EVEN A SAND CASTLE!!!

A bona-fide real castle- with turrets and stained glass and impressive castle walls.
When you drive into Bamburgh village and get your first glimpse of the castle beside the very English cricket green, it literally takes your breath away…..if the car was microphoned you would have heard stuff like this coming out from our Peugeot….


Locals who grew up here, born and bred, kinda take it for granted…I think they think it is NORMAL to have impressive castles dotted along a coastline! Bamburgh is not the only one in Northumberland.

There is Holy Island to the North

and Dunstanburgh to the South.

But Bamburgh is the most impressive of castles, and learning that Chariot’s of Fire was filmed here is just the icing on the cake for me.
When I finish the 10k with my chums we will be going for a collective chariots of fire slow-mo barefoot running moment in the waves, to cool down after our long run! I literally cannot wait!!! EEK

I love how exciting life is. I love how full of promise it is. I love how there are brilliant moments ahead of me when I do this run and also walk Hadrian’s Wall, (which is my other active MH charity fundraising event.)

I love how I can run to fundraise for a mental health charity who have personally helped me HEAPS. I love the buzz running gives me. I love how confident and full of life it makes me. Yeah…of course my life isn’t perfect and sometimes I feel absolutely lousy, BUT the lousy moments are just annoyances to be tolerated while I look forward to the Chariots of fire moments…..running with my friends barefoot in the ocean-satisfied with what I’ve achieved for a brilliant cause.

You need to think how you can cultivate Chariots of Fire highlight moments for yourself- great experiences don’t usually fall into your lap. You usually have to work for them. In this case I have to continue to train for this, from a baseline fitness level (according the Nintendo Wii) of a 70 YEAR OLD!!!
If you want to run with me just book a place on the RunNation website here, and send me a message, then you can join in that Chariot’s of fire life-highlight moment of achievement  yourself…..just imagine how that would feel! It’s worth sweating a bit while you train, to cultivate your own moment that you can share with me and my charity fundraising pals.

I really hope you will join us xXx

Here is me chatting about it…I introduce myself as Imani- tis my name :) Imani Summer X

summerSHINES ©

The wise Northumbrian man built his castle upon a beach,

so the floods were no issue whatsoever ;)


[eccentric sense of humour alert) :P




7 thoughts on “NOT EVEN A SAND CASTLE

  1. summerSHINES says:

    Thank you so much she ra! 😊😊😊 That makes me so happy :) I want to try and write about happier topics on this blog as I shine more and more in my life outside the blog 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nintschgo says:

    Thank you so much for this post – I just returned from a holidy in Scotland today and we actually abandoned our originals plans due to your post because we just had to go to Bamburgh! The trip to the castle was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I was able to see it – so thanks again, without you I might never have heard about it :)

    Liked by 1 person

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