As there is a self-raising flour, to distinguish it from the ‘plain’ variety…I can’t help wishing there were also a FUND-RAISING type of flour- complete with some magic ingredient that could generate income for worthy charities. I am sure if I could invent fund-raising flour and pitch my idea on Channel Four’s ‘Dragon’s Den’, that I’d surely get rich myself and prepare for some very grateful charities travelling on pilgrimage to show their gratitude and respect for my epic money-spinning inventiveness and innovation!

Sadly, there is no such thing as charity fund-raising flour. 

Charities continue to rely on traditional ways to raise funds, in order to continue to provide the valuable work they do, and continue the life-altering services they provide.

Charities rely on generosity and hard work from key people: usually volunteers, though sometimes paid staff; to promote what they do, and to try and encourage friends, family and contacts to donate generously.

I am one of those volunteers, and I have already put in many hidden hours of work into my local mental health charity fundraising projects so far this year. 

Anyone who volunteers does so from the heart. There are no financial incentives to reward us from doing it, but volunteers do so willingly, for the personal satisfaction of it and the sense that you have invested something into a cause that matters to you.

Money isn’t everything….that is the often quoted statement.

That can be true, but does not apply when it comes to the poor, the deprived, or the humble charitable organisation.

In those cases, money really DOES matter. Money directly affects charities. Without money, charities can crumble, services dwindle, and those staff who are on the pay roll lose their jobs (which are already all allocated on a short-term contract basis].

A charity can never become wealthy like an individual human being can. Increased charity fundraising is translated into expanded services which benefit greater numbers of people-so a charity can never be too well off. For the average Joe on the street, once you have a roof over your head and a wage sufficient to buy food and clothing and other necessities, you essentially have enough, and additional money beyond that only makes you more and more extravagant in your consumer choices.

It doesn’t work like that with charities. You can never donate TOO MUCH to a charity. But, it is definitely possible to NOT have sufficient money to continue.

I am fundraising for Tyneside &Northumberland Mind, a charity who were a massive help to me and continue to be. I am fundraising to keep one of the Safe Space drop-in support groups they offer going and continuing. Knowing how much I found it valuable to attend that mental health support group, I want to feel that other people in my community with a mental health issue are able to access it too when they need it.

In the absence of self-fundraising flour, I am doing it in a typical charity fundraising way, by walking and running like crazy (!) in the hope my friends and social media family will support via donations. This is a LOT of work lol! I will keep working on my recipe for the flour-rest assured…but until I’ve cracked the magic formula is will continue to run and walk in physical challenge events 😂

I will first be running a 10k (11th June), then hiking 30 miles along Hadrian’s Wall (15th-17th September), then running all 13.1 miles of a Half Marathon! (22nd October).

I also have a social media campaign coming up soon and a few other ideas to boot. They are all massively knackering events though…where is that flour invention when you need it!!

In the absence of charity self-fundraising flour, if you would like to join in and run/hike these events with me, or even better, TO DONATE to support Safe Space for Tyneside &Northumberland Mind (a UK mental health charity based in the North East), here are my JustGiving links to my personal stories. You can either pay online, or donate easily via Text on your mobile.

If the links don’t work then try going onto JUSTGIVING and type in Imani Starts To Shine in the search box.


Shameless charity plug via personal blog over…usual blogging will commence shortly 😛 Any contributions for my charity of choice would be HUGELY appreciated. Find out more about what they offer as a charity by finding them on Facebook, Twitter and Justgiving.

With LOVE and thanks x

Imani Summer 


Fundraising Volunteer. Tyneside and Northumberland Mind. 





  1. mrdaffyduck says:

    You way with words never ceases to amaze me.
    How can anyone fail to be inspired by you, when you have such a great power to use your words for good.
    Personally i have taken what some might say is the easy option. I find a charity that means something to me, I then find a person or two who I know are stepping waaay out of their comfort zone to raise money for this charity and I sponsor them.
    I could say that all that running lark is a bit too much hard work – but you know I’d be lying 😉
    Imani. I admire you so much. I have donated some, and you know there’s more to come.
    Hopefully we’ll get to run together too one day
    Continue to shine lovely girl
    Daf xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. summerSHINES says:

    Daf! You definitely need to be enlisted as president of my fan club 😂😛 Your generosity means so much 😊 I have been double busy today BUT not done the cake or walked! Oops! I did a drawing but can’t show it to you as it’s for my social media campaign which is under wraps for now! I have an idea for a doodle to do for you later though 😊😁 I will shine for sure with friends like you in my pocket! 😊 X


  3. Ms. SG41 says:

    I’m a strong believer in giving to charities; money or volunteering time makes all the difference… Yeah you for helping such great orgnaizations. GOOD luck raising some much needed $$$ xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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