NICE (not the biscuit)

Today it is ALL HAPPENING. This post may be written rather slapdash and scattered, because this is the zone my brain is inhabiting right now!

My quotes (distributed in the press release from UK mental health charity Mind), have been featured in The Independent, The Daily Express, The Belfast Telegraph, The London Economic, 2BR News Lancashire, News and Star, Cumberland News, and the Yorkshire Post. There may be more too that I haven’t found. That’s officially ace isn’t it!

One Mind media volunteer lass got on ITV news and did a fab interview on there…I was both slightly sad it wasn’t me, AND moreover, very happy for her :) … It was a bit bonkers Googling the campaign and finding all these references to mine and the other volunteers words and names in these national and regional articles. Today has been truly a fab day….really really exciting, slightly eek-ish, and very gratifying…especially when I received a kind thank you email from the Mind media team down in London town tonight, informing me of all the places the story was covered, and importantly the potential outcome of this campaign.

NICE are not just a gorgeous variety of cheaply priced biscuit that I used to buy en masse in Quiksave in the 1980’s…

…they are actually also the NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CLINICAL EXCELLENCE…yep, that kinda NICE(!)

They are a very important NICE, as they are responsible for setting the guidelines on mental health care that NHS trusts adhere to.

The point of the whole Mind campaign, is that NHS trusts NEED to get tons better at following up patients following discharge from psychiatric units. At the moment the NICE guideline is that patients should be followed up within 7 days of discharge from psychiatric hospitals….but bearing in mind people have usually been hospitalised because they made a suicide attempt, or were bloody close to attempting to; to go from around-the-clock care and supervision and observation of risk in a controlled hospital environment, manned by nurses and psychiatrists, to virtually NOTHING at home in the community, is hardly going to protect people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Mental health patients just discharged from hospital have the highest suicide risk OF ANY OTHER TIME in the two week period after discharge, and, patients who are not followed up within 7 days are TWICE AS LIKELY TO ATTEMPT AND COMPLETE SUICIDE during that initial period of far elevated risk.

I can’t write any more clever statistical stuff just now as I’m growing tired after my intense day…but the great news is that NICE (not the biscuit), have published a statement saying they will consider revising the follow up guideline to 48 hours, rather than the previous 7 days! If this comes to fruition, I will be SO proud to have been involved in this campaign. I know I have only played a teeny tiny part, and it is the national charity, Mind, who have done all the hard work…but I am just really proud to have been involved even loosely with it. It gives me a sense of pride, and seeing my words in print, I can’t deny, is a brilliant feeling.

Seeing the list of places I compiled that used my quotes makes me feel SHAMAZING…and very post-traumatically shiny and smiley.

Time to chill now….to meditate….to empty my mind and relax my body. I need to retain a sense of me in all this, and remain grounded. Life is exciting sometimes…today is one of those exciting days…the best word to describe today that I can think of is…..

“It’s been NICE….which was NICE” ;)


Here are the Mind visuals with the statistics to go with this campaign…


6 thoughts on “NICE (not the biscuit)

  1. mrdaffyduck says:

    Very well writing, and thought inspiring.
    I am so totally pleased for you. This has really spiraled this week for you and I have sensed your excitement building daily, as well as your nerves.
    This is just the start. You’ll push on from here, so don’t be put off by any minor setbacks along the way.
    MIND need people like you. NICE decent people like you with a gift for words are a gift to any charity or organisation.

    That all aside, what you are writing about is really thought provoking.
    Vulnerable people need protecting. Use your gift to help it happen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. emergingfromthedarknight says:

    Its such an important cause to turn attention to. When my sister came out of a most awful hospitalisation following a suicide attempt Mum and I were trying to support but we had so little back up and so in a way my sister was far luckier than hundreds of thousands out there who come out of it with so much less. You have been there so you can really advocate and use your strong voice to help. That should make you so proud. <3

    Liked by 1 person

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