Hey peeps…here is my sharpie Sunday. ..bought to you on Monday 💗


Let the pen-envy therapy commence 😇


7 thoughts on “SCRIBBLED ISSUES

  1. Lee says:

    it was so fun reading this! I love the little doodles and I have an obsession with colored pens and markers so I probably would have been the same lol!

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  2. summerSHINES says:

    I love stationary and colouring books and paper and quality pens 😁😂 I must get whatever my mother in law had, to add to my pen collection. It’s my equivalent of the usual obsession with shoes and handbags 😂 I’m glad you enjoyed it…I really like doing my doodle posts and I tap into a different part of my brain. It’s soothing 😊😇

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  3. Lee says:

    Lol omg I’m basically the same! I need a special place to put all of it, and most of it seems like collectibles because I find it so cute I don’t want to use!🤣

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