What is your perception of a British royal?  Mine wasn’t particularly great, I have to be honest…

…until William, Kate and Harry stepped in. They are the new wave of contemporary royals – a trio of good, well-intentioned people who use their position of influence to actually do something worth doing…to talk MENTAL HEALTH on a wide and very public scale.

First we had Prince Harry candidly open up about his mental health after Princess Diana died.

…Then today the Royal Family went live on Facebook, with a film of Prince William having a skype chat with Lady Gaga about her mental illness (widely known as PTSD, following sexual assault).


I am absolutely DELIGHTED about this!….I haven’t been this enthused about mental health since my last very enthused time (which was actually only last week when the Mind campaign led to promising signs that NICE would revise the post-crisis care guidelines!…that was definitely ‘enthuse-inducing’ to me, as someone who wants to make a positive difference to mental health care).

Here are the links so you can watch and share….I am unsure how much media coverage this is getting internationally, but it’s big news in Blighty, and rightly so 🙂


Soon too, I will be cheering on the runners at this years London Marathon- the world’s first MENTAL HEALTH MARATHON, in aid of the charity #headstogether. That too is a brilliant development…I hope this is the first mental health marathon of many!

Can you tell I’m happy and enthused yet?!

Well I am! I am bloody delighted (!) that every day on my social media feeds I am getting #oktosay films shared (a head-to-head candid conversation between two friends about their mental health)…this is all absolutely BRILLIANT! and as a mental health sufferer myself who wants mental health to be better understood in society with more empathy and less stigma, I am absolutely chuffed to bits!

I feel a distinct change in the air….it is a good change…sure, it is shaking things up and people may argue, but that disruption to the status quo is long overdue- and something to be commended and welcomed I’d say.

There is lots more I could say here, but this is a more a sharing post…to get these videos and interviews and podcasts out there on WordPress for the benefit of all my mental health blogger friends….I hope you are as excited as I am.

Mental health is finally in the spotlight!

The more mental health is in the media spotlight- the more likely it is that there will be pressure for services to improve, and most importantly, THE FUNDING available to allow these improvements to actually materialise.

Make a cuppa and watch/listen…I hope this will spread a message that IT IS #oktosay, and that mental health is an everyday thing that affects everyday people.

No longer should we sweep mental health under the carpet. Let’s expose those emotional floorboards where our raw feelings lie, and seize the inner courage to be vulnerable, unpainted, unvarnished, un-sanded….never allowing our suffering to be unspoken.






13 thoughts on “HAPPY MH BLOGGER

  1. Nice to see a happy shiny blog.
    Always been a big fan of the Royals and it is great that, as you say, they are using their influence for good.
    There has certainly been a lot of very positive media coverage of this.
    All good stuff.
    Keep shining

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  2. I think this is fabulous! I applaud Prince Harry speaking up now about his mental health struggles. I hope his openness will help people to understand that there doesn’t need to be a social stigma attached to mental health issues. And as for Lady Gaga, well I just adore her! When she spoke about her struggles with PTSD after a sexual assault, I felt so empowered! It really does make a difference when someone who holds such influence is so honest about mental health. These conversations need to happen so that they become common and comfortable enough for everyone to have. ❤

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    1. I’m pleased you’re on the sane vibe 😊❤ I feel really enthused. If the royals and celebs are doing it, it makes it easier for bloggers too. I have a lot of respect for the young royals 😊

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  3. It is great that there is more awareness surrounding mental health. It is so important that people realise that it is okay to speak out about how they feel.

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