I am in a cheesy S Club 7 mood…hence the motivational cheerleading doodle I just did…;)….

Guess what I did today!…

Yep that…😜

Fair enough.
It was un-British. Hands up. Guilty as charged. But when things matter to you, you gotta adopt some badassery I reckon and self-promote to people who you believe want the same kind of things as you.

We can achieve so much if our vision of a conceivable positive reality is shared by others.

I reckon the people who go on to achieve great things usually have to have a fairly unshakey sense of self-belief…a belief that you WILL and CAN reach for the stars, follow that rainbow, and your dreams WILL all come true!

Think S Club.

S Club rock.

I repeat…Think like S Club…it’s a nice way to approach life :)

I choose to be a believer. I choose to spend my time with people who are believers and dreamers, but also the people who are willing to put in the hard graft to create change.

Change doesn’t happen with dreams and wishes alone….wishes become truth when we put in the hard work to make realities different….new…improved. On my recovery vlog I talk about depression playing like a shitty tape in our minds…a tape that pollutes our psyche with limiting messages.
Recently I have chosen to avoid limiting people. I do this not with judgment, except a realisation that some people make me feel good and some make me feel bad and I value myself enough to hang out with the dreamers and the believers, not the doubters and the drainers. My fundamental belief is we are all doing the best we can to thrive in this world. Sometimes all we can do is put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes all we can do is not kill ourself today and consider that a success (I know as I’ve been there myself) Sometimes we can fly on magic carpets and see the world small and malleable and easy to influence. Sometimes our self-efficacy is HIGH. Sometimes it is non-existent. Self-efficacy is a measure of how capably we can do the thing that we are setting out to do.

It’s like with my Half-Marathon training…some days I can fly along and the miles disappear relatively easily under my feet….other runs every step is a struggle. Today was a struggle day….

…but the point is I showed up. I laced up my running shoes in the first place. I got out in the cold. I vaselined my skin to avoid the chafing of my running vest on my bingo wings. My thighs wobbled. My knees hurt. My ankles were stiff. My speed was poor, BUT I lapped all those on the couch.
Reaching for something big involves showing up on the days when you’re knackered, fed up and disillusioned, and chipping away at your goals anyway.

Today I haven’t felt brilliant, but I did something brilliant in spite of that. I took a positive action to reach for my goal of working for a local charity, supporting a cause I’m passionate about. Whatever comes of that (if anything) at least I REACHED!
Enough reaching (implementing positive actions to fulfil lifelong dreams and goals) and your arms will eventually get long enough to grab onto something tangible and solid….something that will steady you and strengthen you and facilitate your dreams coming true.

Whatever people who are lazy, demotivated, pessimistic, cynical, wallowing in negativity will say, you are never going to achieve what you want if you don’t try…so JUST TRY.







….with a big motivational push from S Club 7 ;) Listen to it…you KNOW you want to!


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