One on my main mental health blogger ambitions is going to be coming true later on today. Something very good and very excellent is due to happen!

Yes!….After all the false starts and false hopes that something might happen in the media, something IS going to be happening, and I genuinely couldn’t be any happier about this 😊

Yesterday was a very significant and special day for me. When I’d spoken to the lovely peeps at national Mind and confirmed I wanted to go ahead with filming, my mobile rang about a minute later and on the other end of the line was a truly lush and lovely sounding regional ITV reporter lady, who said “Hello Imani” (which is my actual name)….That felt seriously good!

Finally I get to talk all things mental health for a news segment with a reporter (which is getting pre-recorded later today), to be airedΒ as part ofΒ mental health awareness week in early May.

Question: How LUSH it that!?!

Answer: Extremely!

I seriouslyΒ CANNOT WAITΒ to do this….so in preparation this is some of what I did last night to get myself firmly in the telly filming zone….

I designate myself officially media ready :)

I also cleaned the house from top to bottom [!] and my husband mowed the grass (obvs) because I’m a decidedly house proud mental health type person, and if a lush telly lady is coming with her camera I want to be filmed in a calm, uncluttered, and clean environment so I can think clear and happy thoughts with no distractions.

My husband is DELIGHTED that the washing up FINALLY got done and the house now looks completely telly reporter ready [and if I’m honest cleaner than its done for several days/weeks] πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I have certain ideas of what speaking in front of thecamera may be like…I wonder what it will actually feel like though?….

By the end of today I’ll actually know, won’t I! That’s a crazy thought but a brilliant one :)

I do want to extend beyond summerSHINES and am ambitious and passionate. This telly opportunity is a great string to my bow…a fab opportunity too to shape public attitudes about mental health in the North-East of EnglandΒ in a compassionate, accepting and well-informed direction. That inspires me greatly :)

My greatest wish would be that any viewers watching this on telly during mental health awareness week will be inspired and it will generate thought, reflection and positive outcomes. I really hope so anyway :) I’m doing what I believe I was destined to do….to communicate publicly about mental health; about how I got here, what challenges I faced, exactly how I sought treatment and support, how people can help those with mental health issues, as well as my hopes for my future recovery and also my hopes for society in terms of stigma reduction eradication :)

I am really proud, really excited, massively grateful for this opportunity, and also hopeful that I’ll MASSIVELY ENJOY IT!!! :)

Wish me luck peeps! Eek!

SummerSHINES xxx (though known as Imani on telly, as that’s my name- don’t wear it out!) :P

I’ll post my write up of today, tomorrow :) I’m off to get in the media zone 😘