Hiya peepsicles!

I’m not in serious need of help so don’t worry or call the fire brigade :P I’m just wanting my readers help with some blog inspiration please.Β 

I would be super grateful if you could comment on the bottom of this post with examples of the most frustrating, unhelpful and irritating comments you’ve ever received in reference to your mental health when you’ve disclosed your difficulties to others. As someone with mental health issues myself I have to admit I sometimes get tremendously frustrated/borderline livid with how people who don’t have lived experience of mental illness respond to me. In my telly interview (which hasn’t been aired yet πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š) I spoke about the importance of open conversations surrounding mental health, backing up the message from British royalty but in all honesty- I need input from you guys please so we can reach a collective consensus as to what is actually helpful, and what platitudes and sweeping statements are best left unsaid and unspoken.
I want to write a kind of anti useless platitude handbook.

My most liked post of all time on summerSHINES is #If depression is a choice. (There is a link to it on the ‘my most loved posts’ sidebar. In that post I wrote a simple rebuttal of a blog comment saying I needed to choose not to be depressed. If only beating clinical depression were that simple!

What other platitudes/inaccurate bullshit would you like me to rebutt? And what simple soothing statements, behaviours or responses tend to help you if you have a mental health issue and decide to bravely confide in someone for the first time?

I know what would be on my conversational do or don’t list…but I would appreciate integrating your viewpoints also, if you are happy to share :)

Thanks in advance of your mental health conversation input.