S.oc stands for ‘stream of consciousness’ writing. It’s a genre of creative writing that is unedited, free flowing, and barely punctuated. It’s also one of my favourite ways to write when I’m not in the mood to educate or explain anything for you, the reader. Prepare to step inside the interior of my subconscious.


Hide and seek, seek and find, welcome to destination subconscious mind. Think you’ll find when life unwinds, what’s yours is ours, what’s his was what was mine. Find yourself- seek truth out- excuse me when I clang and loudly shout. Anger ANGER un-concealed- smooth as slimy eels. Slip and slide like silken thread, wrapped round a cotton wheel inside your grandiose head. F.E.E.L the inner message, scribble your answer- eyes shut tight- conclude it’s best to hold tight to your dancer. The dancer here is the narcissist- fully know you get the gist, yet still you INSIST. Was wrong though to enlist for help- stroke victim better- sad dog yelps- victim cries “BOO HOO HOO”- deserve what comes arrow straight in the heart for you. Darts are fired, bullets are un-dodged- appears insight has somehow been dislodged. Splodge the inevitable mess with no messy apron-oops- you’re left with no barrier protection. General election-I pledge, elect NOT HIM- eat from your ‘have shit cake and eat it’ tin. Not a sin to distract or deny- understand harder to digest truth than man-meaty lies. Not up to me to despise those who sit in darkness and miss the freshness of sunrise. SummerSHINES while autumn stings; springtime blossoms while winter melencholically sings. Linger close to the source of pain- I’ll move away now if it’s all the same. I don’t choose pain. I choose living- learned you get hurt more if you over practise forgiving. Sieve the shit but it still slips all the way through- “no gold there” I tell you but it’s up to you. Time fully wasted- watered- down glue, brush the cracks together, cracks left un-pasted. Intuitive wisdom wasted. I’ve seen in happen many times before- the narcissist rules as victim trauma-bound to their whore. Here’s a rope- why not tie your own noose? – don’t be uptight- let it all hang out loose. Pointing fingers- patronise- shifty eyes- believe own self-taught lies. Still hear cries, not my problem now- no need to ask who, why, when, what and how. Glad I live in truth not bullshit. Good luck-hope you make it.






8 thoughts on “S.oc SUBCONSCIOUS

  1. summerSHINES says:

    Yay it’s you! I missed you!! I’m glad it flowed ok to the reader…it felt easy for me writing it. Sometimes it’s my favourite way to write. How goes your fiction writing?

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  2. Paul.E.Bailey says:

    I’m currently on a break from the blogosphere, but I was coloured intrigued when I saw this post pop up in my emails. It was a good bit of writing and, as per, very unique to your style. I think the word incomparable sums you up justly. I haven’t been writing much since starting my break, though I have been brushing up on my grammar. Going over everything again in the hope that it brings a bit more solidity to my writing. X

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  3. summerSHINES says:

    I need to learn grammar myself and take myself back to school. Also spelling 😂 I love your perfectionist detailing in your writing 😊 as long as you take time to appreciate what you’re already achieving with what you’re doing in the world of writing 😊 I think I’ll do more soc. I love it. I love writing full stop. It’s my happy place. I’m writing one about suicidal ideation just now. Enjoying it in a weird way! Thanks for your support as ever X

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  4. Paul.E.Bailey says:

    I was considering some sort of course, but I thought rather than put all that time and, potentially, money into that I’d be better served just getting a good book from the library and brushing up that way. Turns out I’m grammatically pretty sound, although it’s more through common sense than actual knowledge of grammar. I think writing is worth doing properly and showing some respect. It winds me up that people do it on a whim. I think that discredits the craft and it’s perhaps why writers aren’t taken totally seriously until they become a big time best seller.
    I approve of the soc. Definitely keep it up and I will attempt to keep up with it myself. Your style is different from that of others and I not only learn things from what you say, but how you write them too. Your quirky way of doing things is refreshing and endearing and has me thinking of how I can make a unique stamp on my own work. X

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  5. summerSHINES says:

    I do my own grammar on summerSHINES 😛I think for me, I like the rebellion of not following rules. But I like most kinds of rebellion so it isn’t really surprising. I wish I’d paid attention in English language lessons at school. My daughters are taught secondary school standard stuff already. Expectation levels have been significantly raised, but maybe that’s to offset how social media writing and texting probably dumbs down ability. I already think your writing is very quirky. Maybe not quirky in a kooky way but distinctive at least. Your writing is very ordered and logical and male brained. If you tried soc as an experiment I’d love to see what you come up with. Because soc is less cerebral and more expressive. I love the continuitity of it. I believe being forced would write in a uncensored style where one idea leaps to the instinctive next is very freeing. In total opposition to your fiction writing where you start with the whole first, then build in ever greater detail. With soc it’s tiny details merged in with sweeping statements. I also like to pose a lot of questions in my mind and make the questioning that goes on inside my head part of the writing process. I could talk about this for literally hours lol! I don’t even know if I’m doing soc right! I read soc pieces by other bloggers and they’re totally different! I just don’t what feels nice I suppose. Emotionality drives my writing and it comes from somewhere deep. You know my past. You know why. I want to continue writing my memoir. Haven’t even opened the file for months but need to get back in the zone. I’m writing a soc paragraph to introduce each chapter. 😊


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