I don’t usually do reblogs….unless I wrote them myself ;) I was asked to write this piece for a new mental health blog. ‘All Human Here’. I hope you like it X summerSHINES

All Human Here

Imani Summer writes the Summer Starts to Shine blog, and she is also a Mind media volunteer and fundraiser, vlogger, and passionate mental health campaigner. All Human Here asked her to guest blog about life with a complex mental health diagnosis, and here, she shares her thoughts with us:

How did you feel when you first received your diagnosis?

On the second psychiatrist appointment I ever had, I asked her if I had Borderline Personality Disorder. She said categorically “NO”.

Fast forward eighteen months, a significant childhood abuse disclosure, and several heated arguments later and she announces she thinks I may have *traits* of BPD. Then after a particularly conflict-filled and emotionally stormy session, I notice as I glance at the letter she sent to my GP that she had upgraded me to the full bona fide disorder!

Boy, did receiving that hurtful label sting. My self-esteem, which was already minimal, crumbled to dust. I felt like a second class…

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