S.oc. ROAR

Pianist flexes fingers back till they crack- Writer is ready-STEADY on- OFF goes the mask-ASK existential questions in desperate clasps-huge swathes and bundles of leaden feeling- subconscious sub tip of arctic iceberg revealing- Poker face deals cards of life-Stealing light & hoarding dark-scrabbling around for a electric spark- UP in the morning like a lark-insomniac Koi Karp- orange gills glinting-blinking-sinking-stinking-rotten flesh dries up then hardens then crinkling-no time for useless unproductive t.h.i.n.k.i.n.g- FEELING? Yes, god yeah! in bucket loads-spring-time baby leaping toads- French frogs wearing french-knickers- jammies on, fur coat- and no SLIPPERS!-jitters-clito—–errrrrr, no not that, too rude- don’t be subconsciously lewd!- What’s wrong with being confident, sophisticated, slick and shrewd?- Sleeves pulled up, all the hard work done-puzzling out a human algebraic sum-doing daily battle with glum-Missing F.U.N and carefree laughter-only disney princesses get their smiley ‘happy after after’ :( Before I go, I need to say, this current dragon is just one on the list to slay- please don’t think I’m beat, don’t think I’m done- I’m far stronger than the rest of ’em- underestimate me please NO MORE-like KP’s lion ‘YOU’RE GONNA HEAR ME ROAR’.


That cheered me up after my previous post earlier on suicide x

summerSHINES ©

You gotta love the minions. Onwards and upwards. You’re gonna hear me ROAR.


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