Just a mini announcement post to all of you- the very kind people who follow, read, like and leave lovely shiny comments on Summer Starts to Shine.

Tomorrow is extremely EXCITING in extra large bold caps, as it’s my TV debut as a media volunteer for UK national mental health charity Mind.


I had a lush email from the reporter earlier with full details.  My story will be one of the mental health stories featured on ITV (in the Tyne Tees region) in the news bulletins on Good Morning Britain.

The timings are 06.10, 07.10 and 08.10am, with the longest clip probably being the 7.10 one). The report in full will be on the ITV Tyne Tees regional evening news which starts at 6pm, and the web coverage will go live tomorrow at 05.00am GMT on the ITV NEWS TYNE TEES website, with links to my blog and how you can donate to my JustGiving page. All money donated goes to Tyneside and Northumberland Mind- a mental health charity very close to my heart so please dig deep and support the fundraising and awareness building work I do voluntarily by donating to this excellent cause.


Hopefully national TV offers may come in in result of this, but we shall see. If they do, they better come quick as I’m going on holiday soon! Fingers crossed :) Regardless of what happens for me personally in terms of more potential media work coming my way, what matters is it makes a positive difference to the viewers who see it.

It is all for Mental Health Awareness week,


and I am delighted ITV have put this high up on the public agenda, as it so rightly deserves to be. More mental health posts tomorrow and the day after and the day after-such is my life.

It doesn’t have to be a designated week or month for me to chat about mental health publically. Mental health is currently my life. I live and breathe it. But the more it is talked about in the media by ordinary people like me, the more it will be demystified and destigmatised and socially accepted :)

Who knows what impact these ITV interviews will have on the attitudes and feelings of both individual people and society on a wider scale. I really hope it helps people.

My life motto (one of them) is ‘Do small things with great love, then you’ll find the small things become the BIG things.

Going on telly chattering about mental health is not small exactly-it is actually pretty EPIC all things considered :) but my ambitions are to reach far higher numbers of people than I can currently do on my blog. This TV experience represents that first large step into the media spotlight.

Let the hiding behind hands in embarrassment commence haha! EEK!

I’ll share the web link tomorrow X


Imani Summer

also known as, summerSHINES ©

Here is my recovery vlog on the national Mind website…you’ll have to report back to me whether I’ve got better since I did this mental health selfie last year [!] It has had nearly 2500 views now which far surpassed my expectations :)



6 thoughts on “TUNE IN

  1. Lee says:

    Congratulations! I know dealing with mental illnesses and trying to gain/maintain a health state of mind is not an easy battle and no one wishes to deal with it but this is such an amazing opportunity for you✨ You help and inspire many others who are going through a very hard time in life or deal with depression, ptsd etc. Your story will reach💖 I’ll be on the look out for the web link

    Liked by 1 person

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