‘It’…being our family holiday. Technically we have only driven from the North-East to Manchester today, so have not reached our final destination of the South of France where our true holiday will begin…but we are not at home, ergo we are on holiday 😊 🙌🙌

When we drove down the main drag into Altrincham, the girls marvelled at how busy it was. We are after all country bumkins who live in a tiny coastal village populated by retired people in search of the good life. The village is considered “busy” when the post man makes his daily visit, and when the nearby award winning butchers van comes one afternoon a week to deliver pasties and quiches the whole village does a very restrained but merry and jolly dance.
In Altrincham there are houses and shops and shops and houses and so many blimin cars and traffic lights and people. Oh the people! 

I am scared of people, which is why I could never live anywhere not other than a quiet village with barely any traffic. 

Being scared of people sounds like a pretty eccentric phobia, but the PTSD bit of me is most certainly nervous around other humanoids. Therefore the less of them the better.

It is very good to leave your comfort zone behind I have learned, because it makes me appreciate how cosy and nice my comfort zone actually is.

I would not thrive in Altrincham, but do thrive with the sand between my toes, my dog leads in hand, and my family close to me. I love the peace and quiet, and coming here reminds me of why.

As I drove down roads I used to drive down in my previous life back when I lived in Cheshire, memories sprang up. The last time I drove down these roads was 2006. I was pregnant with my now 10 year old daughter. I said to her, “you have been to Manchester before my lovely, when you were in my tummy.” That thought made her smile.

I was very apprehensive about coming to this area again, which probably explains my recent bonkersness, partially anyway. The reading being I am only 20 minutes away from my ex-family who I am estranged from. They are living their lives, 20 minutes away from where I am temporarily living mine. 

It is strange coming back, but with a 10 year old and an 8 year old in tow. Everything is so different and I can’t imagine life if it hasn’t changed so drastically as it did. I won’t go too deeply into that today though. My thoughts are on the future.

I am relaxed and comfortable in the hotel room. Daughter one is browsing Instagram, daughter two is playing games on the Kindle. The love of my life is curled up next to me checking out the anticipated weather in Toulouse. A mug of coffee has been drank. ‘Start of the holiday’ selfies have been posted on Facebook. We are heading out for fish and chips later and might meet friends we know and have known for a long time who have a little baby who I hope to be able to cuddle up with later.

I am quite happy to have got here, to be 15 minutes from the airport, to be in our lovely family room with the family who sustain my future by providing me with endless supplies of love and patience. Also lots of smiles and laughter. 

I need this holiday.  I deserve this holiday. I will milk every drop of pleasure from this holiday that I possibly can. It all starts now….so it begins 😊



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