I keep it simple in many ways. Despite the complexity of my analytical intellectual mind, I live in a unusually simple way in my daily lifestyle. 

I don’t just photograph my food for Instagram. Call me simple but I prefer to eat it. By the time you’ve finished arranging your food so it looks pristine and enticing on the plate, I’m contentedly digesting mine. 

I don’t wear makeup hardly ever. I go natural. Call me simple but I like my skin to breathe as much as my lungs. I wear makeup for meetings and media appearances, to get me in the ‘psyched up business woman zone’. Apart from that I go bare. That’s why I have good skin. I don’t pollute it with thick layers of flesh coloured liquid masking.

I do things mindfully. Call me zen, but I like to know I’m eating, drinking, bathing, preening, relaxing, running, walking or fucking. I do everything one thing in the moment. I clean my house one tile at a time. I sip coffee in silence while watching the steam escape in swirly rings out from above the cup. I imagine it is my negative energy that I am seeing evaporating and being dispersed into the atmosphere. When I walk through a door, I don’t just “walk through a door” I cleanse my auric energy field as I go through, walking through an imaginary seive to allow the goodness to come through the tiny holes with me and the badness to clump up and remain behind me on the seive. Call me an energy warrior if you must (or weird, alternatively) but I don’t allow anything toxic to weigh me down, particularly when it is someone else’s toxic negative energy that they try and deposit and stick on me to get it off themselves. 

Call me simple but I only allow nice experiences and nice people to stay with me on my future journey. I don’t have any added allowance for waste. I only retain what it good and milk the goodness for all its worth. I distance myself from anyone or anything that drags me backwards into places of painful emotion. If you want to know why you’ve been blocked by me, it’s because you created negative feelings that I can well do without.

Call me simple, but when I told my hubby I wanted to come to France and stay at the villa ALL week without exploring France, I meant it! I crave simplicity and safety for my PTSD highly sensitised novelty fearing system, and for me that comes with the grounding of being in one (fucking beautiful) place for am entire week. Whilst some people would believe me to be missing out but not doing the whole tourist thing while I’m here, it is NOT missing out in my book, given my simplicity liking personality. What I am doing in place of touristy exploration is fully embracing mindfulness for a whole week. I chose this villa, not so I could leave it every day to go and exploreother places, but so I could remain in this French bubble of privacy and immerse myself in the beauty of it wholeheartedly. Call me simple, but this week I am a French lady in a South of France farmhouse. Call me simple, but I will do nothing this week but read, write, sunbathe, swim, make conversation, eat, drink, brush my teeth, colour-in, listen to music, take photographs, cuddle, lounge and bathe all week until we pack our case back up and drive to the airport. For this week, I will embrace this interruption to normal living to the max. I will feel the sun on my skin, note the birdsong of the tweeting birds and be with my children and family. Call me simple and strange, but to me, nothing else matters.

Call me simple. Go ahead. I AM simple. I am happy just the way I am, and all I ever want is to appreciate the life I have to its fullest.

Bikini. Sun. Family. France. Done.




5 thoughts on “CALL ME SIMPLE 

  1. Rayne says:

    It looks so beautiful there. Thanks for sharing the pics. :D I’m like you when it comes to the simple life. We humans are constantly on the move, but there’s nothing quite like relaxing and not having to do anything, other than enjoying a change of scenery. Exploring takes so much energy. There are moments though where I will explore, but I get overwhelmed pretty quickly and need to regain my energy. That’s where simple comes in. Simple, but glorious. I’m glad you’re enjoying this break. You deserve it, my beautiful friend. <3 xxx

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