Deep breath. In. Out.

I am still unsure how I feel after the ridiculously brilliant high and elation of yesterday. Today I am quiet and still. Yesterday there was noise and running and people and all smiles and physical limits reached and stretched and breached. Then there was the fish and chip supper afterwards with my mental health charity fundraising friends.

WOW. That’s about all I can say. WOW!

Yesterday I ran 10 kilometres faster than I’ve ever ran it before. I claimed my personal best in my first official race by a gorgeously wide and unexpected margin. I ran my legs into the ground and found new pockets of strength and resilience in my beating chest and my flying legs that I didn’t know I had.

I absolutely love running, and for me to be loving running is a revelation, believe me! Anything physical in school terrified me. PE lessons were traumatic. I was always picked last in team games. But adult me, the empowered PTSD survivor learned yesterday that she can push her limits, that it is safe to do this, and that the feeling you get afterwards more than compensates for the super-human effort you just invested into not only reaching your goal, but SMASHING and surpassing it! :)

My final chip time was 1 hour 3 minutes, and my previous 10k personal best had been 1 hour 12 minutes, so I knocked a full 9 minutes off what I already believed to be a brilliant time for someone who only just literally stumbled into running at the beginning of 2017.

I ran with my friend. That made it so memorable, and it was definitely her bright and cheery encouragement that spurred me on to get a PB of that magnitude. My mate is way fitter than I am, so I tried to keep pace with her as best I can, and even did some cheeky overtaking manoeuvres of other runners (which I can’t deny, felt good). We chatted and smiled and giggled and swore our way around the beautiful coastal scenery, high fiving at each km marker and thoroughly enjoyed being clapped and cheered along by the encouraging spectators and race marshalls that we passed as we went. It is the nearest I’ve ever felt to being a celeb, [apart from the time I rocked up to my local beach in an ITV car with a camera man and reporter]. That I suppose scored fairly high on the ‘today I feel special’ mental scorecard that resides in my head.

***I was interrupted writing this post yesterday and can’t seem to get back into the flow, so clicking publish. I’ll just let the pictures from the 10k do the talking….What an amazing experience that was 😊😊

SummerSHONE 😛😜