I’m not good at everything, but what I’m good at, I’m properly good at.

One thing I am absolutely bloody BRILLIANT at, is being very VERY sensitive!


I have sensitivity fucking N.A.I.L.E.D……OH YEAH!

“You own it girlfriend” hollered in my best worst American accent

I ROCK that sensitivity shit.

I GOT IT DOWN. Secret blogger handshake.

My sensitivity is a good thing. It brings people to my door. It brings people to my blog and it also keeps them there.

Sensitive types make THE BEST writers. my opinion presented as fact ….esp. sensitive introverts. Hell yeah! PREPARE FOR A BLOGASM people.

When you read the words of a blogger or author or journo or any type of writer, what I believe you want, is to FEEL the writer.

You wanna feel like you’re in a coffee shop hanging out with them, listening to them, hearing them, pouring every drop of your attention over them; or maybe you want to feel you’re eavesdropping on the most compelling of private conversations of a couple huddled together a few tables away, talking right up close to each other in hushed and juicy tones. You can tell they are very involved and invested in each other by a cursory glance at their body language. You want to hear what that listener is hearing because you know it’s gonna be good and worth listening to.

That is what good writing is. Good writing or blogging is being the person in the café who is capturing and enthralling the attention of the listener or eavesdropper. You need to know how to grab attention and draw your kind of people in so they believe your conversation is one they have to listen to over all the other (dull) conversations.

You want the thrill of an blogasm/eargasm. They are way better than orgasms as the pleasure lasts way longer! For an introvert who likes to read, when reading your favourite writers words or your favourite blogger’s blogs you will experience eargasms as you silently read those words in your head that could literally last HOURS ;)

Sensitive writers create the best eargasms in the reader, because we make you feel deep stuff. We describe the thing that you feel, and break it down into little digestible chunks. What to you is a vague feeling, is to us a symphony of colossal noise that we break down into individual instruments.

Sensitive writers don’t only know which instruments to accentuate, because we know the subtleties of what sounds best aesthetically, we ARE at one with instrument. We may even feel like we ARE the instrument.

We are the solitary violin that sounds crap on it’s own but makes up one part of the string section that sounds so beautiful.

We are capable of differentiating the difference between the cello, the violin, the viola, and the harp. [I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ORCHESTRAS AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. HOPEFULLY NO ONE WILL NOTICE, UNLESS I TYPE IT IN CAPS LOCK OF COURSE.

…..oh shit. Too late.]

Hopefully though my metaphor is not entirely ruined. [Thank fuck I didn’t describe the wind section]

Hopefully you get what I mean? We HAVE to be able to describe something; a feeling or human experience with all it’s subtleties, because all we feel is just TOO MUCH and ALL SUBTLE, to the point it is overwhelming.

When I feel something, I am always driven to get it down as quickly as possible on cyber paper, which is why I type so fast and don’t really care about grammar and shit. I want you to feel the immediacy and the urgency of my feelings, in time to me feeling them. I want you to taste me and smell my scent and see inside me with X-ray vision (totally not in a WEIRD way! but in a “my ear is at one with you let’s eargasm together” kind of reading a blog way).

I LOVE it when people particularly connect with something I’ve written. I’ll level with you, a lot of what I write is pretty crap EEK and is for my own therapeutic and cathartic benefit rather than your satisfaction, but when you tell me you feel satisfied and I know I’ve given you an eargasm with my written words, I feel more proud then than I do of most other things I achieve in life EVER.

The unicorn sparkle post yesterday went down well with you, and I sincerely enjoyed each minute of writing it. I wish every post of mine was that FUCKING FABULOUS ;) but sadly they’re not :P….I do think though that extreme sensitivity is an asset when writing, and when it is mined and exploited (in a good way), enabling you to get people to understand something or someone better, I count that as a HUGE writers success. Don’t you?

When you blog, do you value your own writing successes as they happen? If you identify yourself as sensitive, do you appreciate that it is your sensitivity that to a large part explains WHY you are so good at writing, and how positively readers respond to you?

I know I may not always seem that sensitive when I write because I am so definite and so FULL ON and emphatic, but you can be both sensitive AND strong. You can struggle and feel weak a lot, and yet triumph. You can blog like a badass, and you can rock your sensitivity well, providing it comes across in your writing that you are PROUD of your sensitivity, and not ashamed to bare that vulnerable slightly messed up side of you for your readers.

Readers warm to us, if we are authentic and proud of ourselves and write with the skill that we are uniquely endowed with. It is called CONFIDENCE. Not all writer’s have confidence. Some people are confident in everyday life and nervous and floundering out of their comfort zone when they write and publish their stuff. Other people are like me and are more confident versions of themselves when they write. What category do you fall into?

Writing gives me confidence, and writing is one of the few things in life that I can do and consistently feel good about myself when I do it. I suppose the reason for that is it is the most consistent time where I feel it is actually a good thing to feel THIS FUCKING MUCH. Thank God I am not a sensitive person who can’t write or doesn’t show any inclination to write. I would suspect most of us sensitives do though. Writing is a gift-the gift that keeps on giving and getting better the more your practise and the more you free yourself from giving a fuck when people think. I give huge happy fucks when people like a post, but I have learned to not care any fucks when people don’t. I prefer to incorporate feedback with that positive bias ;) It helps my self-esteem.

Writing reminds me more than at any other time that my sensitivity is a bloody great thing, when channelled into something creative and uniquely me. Some sensitives prefer artistic expression with paints and pencils and Microsoft Paint, but I prefer to paint with my words, and not only describe every instrument in the orchestra, but BE every instrument in the orchestra. That is what my sensitivity allows, and that is why I LOVE being a sensitive writer that can bring you to eargasm. It may not be everytime. But if I can do it for you sometimes, that’s more than good enough for me.