I write this post with my feet still hovering several inches off the ground. [That isn’t because I’m sitting typing this post while perched on an unusually tall chair] ;)

…….It’s actually because I’m still really happy and buzzy and nicely floaty after a couple of stimulating full-on but FABULOUS days.

I don’t have the mental capacity to write lots today, so instead I will allow the photographs to do the talking, and maybe a few sharpie doodles too.

Tuesday was blog release day. Mind very kindly shared the blog I’d written which accompanied the parliamentary visit (associated with the Jo Cox Loneliness Campaign-more on that to follow in future posts), and then yesterday was the day this beach lovin’ village dwelling Northern girl got her chance to travel down to London town to attend a totes important and valuable event in parliament!

Two very proud and very busy days have unfolded, and today I’m basking in a beautifully golden and happily satisfied glow.

There is lots more I want to write as my inspiration levels have reached overflowing levels swoon but I know I need to rest and recuperate and take it easy today. Self-care is everything.

I have plenty of time to write out what the last few days have been like and all the things I’ve personally gained from these positive experiences, but all that can wait for another day…..Today I shall mainly be basking in my golden post-awesome-experience glow.

I’ll leave you with some photos to tell my story of yesterday that way, (the easy way), in pictures. The other dude on the pics is my new friend of lushness- Jaabir (The other Mind media volunteer I spent the day with) :)

I hope you enjoy.

**For anyone who hadn’t yet read my blog on loneliness and depression, please visit, or look on their Twitter/Facebook feeds. Thanks. Imani Summer X

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