My creative inspiration (blogging-wise has dried up). Creativity is not a predictable resource. While some manage to max out creativity and produce creative output prolifically, almost as one of their personality traits, sometimes the well just dries up, the brain cells cease to fire, and the creativity shrivels like a air dried prune [with extra wrinkles]. … Continue reading GOODBYE TO ALL, ESP. YOU x



At last. A happy blog topic!! party poppers This post is a lot more about footwear than mental health, although don't worry, this blog hasn't morphed into a vacuous fashionista blog- the mental health link is still very much there. For a welcome change, this post empathises some of the good stuff only good stuff that mental illness … Continue reading PEACEFUL SOLE


Who knows what invalidation means? This isn't a SAT test. I am just not sure how aware people are of the term invalidation and what implication it has in relationships and potential conflict scenarios. The dictionary definition of invalidation is this- to nullify, negate, annul, abrogate- to invalidate means to deprive of effective or continued existence. … Continue reading SOUL BE YOUR PILOT


This is my chance to big up my readers, yes YOU -the people who read Summer Starts to Shine. I am dead proud to have just nudged over the 800 follower mark. blinks I find this hard to believe actually. Next month I will be celebrating my first blog birthday of shine, and I can hardly believe it! The time … Continue reading THANK YOU!


Writing is a way of talking, uninterrupted. The irony is, I typed out those words, then immediately got interrupted LOL! [It was my kids arriving back from swimming with their Grandma] But six HOURS later I'm back, and I'm 'on it'-finally writing this uninterrupted (?) post of  un-Buddhist/realistic mindfulness. The truth is, I feel pretty awful today and … Continue reading REALISTIC INBETWEEN


TW* Post written about mental health crisis, with brief references to childhood sexual abuse, suicidality and self-harm. Read with caution if you have personal experience as this may be triggering. The pull excites me-the pull draws me close to the ledge-the pull is what I fear AND crave-the pull is what I am used to-so unlearning what you've learned … Continue reading THE PULL *tw


I couldn't write my feelings, so I scribbled them out in sharpie instead... 😔 Post-publishing note* I was not intending to break my blog holiday rule, but these sharpies had to be published for my sanity! I'm going to London next month again too faints!!! SummerSHINES©