I couldn’t write my feelings, so I scribbled them out in sharpie instead… 😔

Post-publishing note* I was not intending to break my blog holiday rule, but these sharpies had to be published for my sanity! I’m going to London next month again too faints!!!




  1. bethanyk says:

    Ughhhhh I got nauseous just reading it!!! The people! The overload!! Ughhh. I am feeling your pain dear friend. Feeling it. Wrap yourself in a cocoon and don’t come out until your nervous system has deactivated!!!!

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  2. thedailyannagram says:

    I love all the FUCKS. And when you Sharpie it always makes me laugh (even if also v sad stuff). I had same experience in shopping centre yesterday. Just wanted to lie flat on the floor with my fingers in my ears. I miss your regular blogs 💘

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  3. summerSHINES says:

    There were many imaginary fuck statements happening in my brain in that car yesterday. I still feel like vomiting this morning after my human crowd overdose. I miss blogging so might write a leisurely post later as I have shit loads to write about. I’m not a city person at all…I can only just about keep sane in the countryside. I want to write my observations on londoners 😂 They are a quaint breed 😂😂 I love your blogging Anna…sorry I haven’t left comments lately. I’ve not been espesh sociable. So glad the psychologist did a home visit….that’s ace! The only home visits I’ve had are from the crisis team and I wasn’t really on form then 😂😂


  4. Liz says:

    London is a very busy place and something that takes me getting used to, so god knows how you felt. Hope you feel ok soon and safe. Well done to getting it on paper with Sharpie pens when you could not write it. Xx

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  5. Paul.E.Bailey says:

    Obviously, my experiences are nothing on the level that yours are, but I can empathise. I despise places where there are too many people I don’t know. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. A packed bar is a nightmare and when I’m trying to take a wazz and somebody stands right next to me in public toilets I could happily stab them to death. Social anxiety is a horrible thing. Good on you for venting and getting it out via the power of the Sharpie rather than something more sinister and damaging. No more trips to London anytime soon. I’ll make sure I don’t visit either!

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  6. summerSHINES says:

    I feel awful today :( Completely overdosed on humans being in close proximity to me. I usually avoid busy places but there is no such thing as quiet places in London! It was nice to see family and for the kids to experience something so different to what they’re used to but I think it’ll take me a while to return to an equilibrium again after this sensory onslaught. I still feel like SH today because my nerves are so frayed, so I might write something later to get it all out of me. Sharpie helps-sharpie always helps, and swearing lots too!!! It helps reassure me when I know other people are similar in their preferences-it helps me feel less bonkers!


  7. summerSHINES says:

    I feel fucking HORRENDOUS! I’m going to London next month too for another Parlimentary Event *gasp*. I can cope with a day trip though 😊 Love you too and so sorry I haven’t been around xxx

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