What if it’s forever?

What if my prediction is clever?

What if healing is mainly never?

Never f*****g ever

Once upon a time

Girl dreamed that she’d be fine

Is our best healer really ‘time’?

Weary from this slow and painful climb

Start another verse

Body lays cold in hearse

Blood once warm now cold

Once worn once warm clothes gather mould

Dark poetry

Watch and see, like me

Will it ever stop?

Before life cuts that final chop

The past draws close, infected

Mum never suspected

Member of a cult selected

Evil went uncorrected

Strike one last blow

Life’s twisted flow

Only the universe and me know

Those dirty secrets corkscrew me lower than low

One tortured mind

Inspiration blind

What I give out I cannot take

What he says is bona fide narcissistic grandiose fake

Drown me in the lake

Two inches of bloodied ice cold water

Full moon half moon new moon quarter

Saunter in with a winning smile

Tick tock alarm clock crocodile

Inches multiplied killer mile

Dashes and dots on the flat line heart rate dial

I called the man; he spoke to me

Offloaded baggage but still it’s only fog my eyes see

Killing me softly

An end to my pain

The dream of that is the key to maintaining ‘sane’

I have to think there’s a final way out

Depressed feelings remove the safety of doubt

Don’t worry I won’t act; it’s only a transient feeling

Suffering but shining….on my private pathway to coping and healing


Don’t worry. I’m low but I’ll survive. I’ve been suicidal many times before and will probably be suicidal many more times in the future. It’s my summerSHINES “normal”. I spoke to the duty worker and got some support. Tomorrow is a new day. X


2 thoughts on “POEM- CORKSCREW *tw

  1. Paul.E.Bailey says:

    Nicely done. I’m aware that I keep commenting on posts then not responding to what you comment back. I apologise for this. I’m so far behind on posts I need to read and fervently playing catch up whilst working, editing my novel, parenting, and adulting. Maybe a wee bit of slaughtering people in Classical Era Egypt on my PS4 too 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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