I’m struggling today. Struggling against the tide. Tears rolling down my cheeks. Being a mental health advocate is not for the faint hearted; yet it’s the gentle caring souls like me who are drawn to this arena…because we actually genuinely want to help people and make a positive difference in our communities and networks. Battling stigma and ignorance can feel like pushing jelly up a mountain. Sometimes I wonder if it’s futile; I’ll never get the energy I spend on what I do back again. Can you really change society? Sometimes I wish I hadn’t had a life that forced me to be strong. Because with strength comes responsibility. I get weakened by every push and shove. I want to make things better for others. Life is brutal as well as beautiful. I feel very unreal, dissociated, depressed and despondent. If you put an ultrasound monitor to my head you’d hear the scream. But there is no ultrasound. It’s just me here alone, hearing it. 😞

#summerSHINES #truthbomb #mentalhealthwarrior


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