GO FUND ME (please)

Long time no hear blogger friends. A kind friend has recently set up a Go Fund Me page for me.

Why? Because of Northumberland Tyne and Wear’s NHS trust’s shock decision to suddenly discharge me from being under the care of community mental health services only days after being close to taking my own life.

I haven’t been blogging for weeks. I haven’t really known at all what to say. I’ve been so ill and I still am more unwell than I’ve been for a long time; all because of the stopping of my weekly face to face appointments (which were keeping me sane-ish) back in October.

My mental health has steadily declined and my illustration business has ground to a halt. One mental health crisis has bled into another, as I have failed to receive the necessary care from the NHS. My husband is still off work as my full time carer so a huge strain has been put on him as well as myself.

I don’t have the energy to type anymore, but here is the link if you are willing and able to add something to the pot.CLICK HERE TO DONATE xxx thanks XX

The Go Fund Me page is to support paying for ongoing private treatment, now the NHS have left me with no other option. Please feel no obligation to donate but I am seriously hugely grateful if anyone is willing to spare a donation towards my recovery.

I have £540 in the pot so far, and that is enough to pay for my first 12 private therapy sessions with someone specialising in my type of trauma (ritual abuse and DID). I am so grateful for the support so far and so grateful to have such a fabulous squad of mental health supporters.

Huge thanks, and loads of love. For videos and ongoing information/updates you can visit my Instagram grid or stories HERE

or my summerSHINES Facebook page HERE

In addition, a very kind artist friend and writer of Kind Humans Magazine ( I am featured in her spring issue), has offered to donate the profits on sales of this gorgeous sunshiny print to my Go Fund Me pot. A print is available for £15 on her Etsy shop. You can find the link to buy HERE

Thank you humans

Imani x




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